At Lutsenko already lowered Yushchenko to level any, excuse, Theological

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The People's Deputy Katerina Lukyanova declared that "it would be possible and to agree with I.Bogoslovskaya's words that "the background of the statement of V. Nalivaychenko is covered in political struggle at presidential election". And at the same time to note that the head of SBU listens not so much to words of the prime minister, how many to whisper and direct instructions from Presidential Administration".

"Raises doubts that as the reason of reaction of SBU on I.Bogoslovskaya's texts Yulia Timoshenko's political jealousy (as it was specified in the statement a press - services Theological - an edition) served. Because the rating, political weight and truthfulness of political statements does Inna Bogoslovskaya by Victor Yushchenko's main competitor at coming nearer presidential election", - quotes Lukyanova a press - service of social movement "National self-defense".

"On this example of fight of Yushchenko and Theological now it is visible that pre-election fight of candidates for president inflamed outright", - the People's Deputy Katerina Lukyanova summarized.

We will remind that on September 4 a press - Inna Bogoslovskaya's service distributed the statement in response to end of SBU of pre-investigation check and the direction it in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of materials concerning appeals of the People's Deputy of Ukraine Inna Bogoslovskaya to violation of territorial integrity of Ukraine. The speech about billboards with I.Bogoslovskaya's words: "Will suffice to divide Sevastopol! We will give to the city the status Ukraine - the Russian territory! ".

Today the Security service of Ukraine warned local authorities of Simferopol and Sevastopol about inadmissibility of placement of posters with antistate appeals.


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