Curator of Nikolayevshchina from "National self-defense" O. Novikov: Claims of Party of Regions to Lutsenko — are quite transparent

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The Party of Regions once again wants to dismiss the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko, but not for any concrete violations but because "regionals" on the eve of elections very much are disturbed at the head of militia by the basic head who isn't going to follow someone's instructions, the deputy from "National self-defense" Oleg Novikov considers.

"All claims of "regionals" to Lutsenko - are quite transparent. For today the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the only stable force which can resist both corruption, and it is illegal to any attempts to replace the power in the country or to forge elections. While militias the person who won't follow the instruction Bank, or any other street will be at the helm, and will fulfill absolutely honestly the duty to the Ukrainian people and those promises which were made during Orange revolution and then - "Militia with the people" and "The law one for all" - such person, certainly, will cause displeasure in all who doesn't agree with these theses", - Oleg Novikov considers.

Today the parliamentary fraction of Party of Regions declared that will support personnel appointments in the government on vacant chairs of ministers, but will vote only in a package with resignation of the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and the Minister of Education Ivan Vakarchuk.

According to Oleg Novikov, requirements of "regionals" to dismiss the Minister of Education I.Vakarchuk have two reasons. The first - Victor Yanukovych already declared that after becomes the president, Russian will immediately receive the status of the second state language. "It Victor Yanukovych plays on the pro-Russian moods of a certain part of inhabitants of Ukraine", - "samoboronets" considers. The second reason of "discontent" of Party of Regions - introduction of independent testing at schools. "Today, in my opinion, independent testing brings positive results: children began to go to the universities really, instead of for money as it was earlier. It became much simpler to enter to the ordinary graduate of school to the prestigious university now, than it was earlier.It causes certain discontent because the corruption question" is excluded partially, - Oleg Novikov noted.


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