Putin refused to meet in October Tymoshenko. But at Yushchenko "arrow" with Medvedev

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As it became known "to the Kommersant - Ukraine", visit to Ukraine the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, announced for October, won't take place. Mister Putin refused to hold too frequent meetings with the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko not to create visibility of its support by official Moscow during presidential election campaign.

We will remind, statements that Vladimir Putin will visit Ukraine in October, sounded on September 1 during joint a press - conferences of mister Putin and Yulia Timoshenko following the results of their meeting in Gdansk (Poland). Prime ministers of two countries promised that will hold in Kharkov meeting of committee on economic cooperation headed by them российско - the Ukrainian interstate commission.

- It is very important that our following meeting will take place in October - as we and planned, - madam Tymoshenko told then.

- Yulia Vladimirovna invited the Russian delegation to Kharkov in October. We will be prepared for this time thoroughly, we will discuss these questions (торгово - economic cooperation) not under way, and on the Ukrainian earth, - confirmed her words of premieres of Russia.

For the last two weeks active preparation of this meeting was conducted. The ambassador of Ukraine in the Russian Federation Konstantin Grishchenko, and press said about it - Vladimir Putin's secretary Dmitry Peskov who has confirmed on September 9 on air of Ekho Moskvy radio station also that visit of the Russian delegation to Kharkov is planned for "the beginning of October". However, as it became known, a few days ago the device of the Russian prime minister reported to Yulia Timoshenko's device about refusal of the reached agreements. Sources claim that the decision not to go to Kharkov was made taking into account presidential election campaign - in Moscow counted inadmissible too frequent contacts of the prime minister of Russia with one of future candidates for president of Ukraine - Yulia Timoshenko.

- Vladimir Vladimirovich's frequent visits to Ukraine could be interpreted as signs of excessive support by official Moscow of one of candidates for president. We consider inadmissible to create visibility of such support. Considering that in November we will go to CHG (council of heads of governments) of the CIS, holding one more meeting with madam Tymoshenko will be excessive, - explained the source informed on the decision made in Moscow.

He emphasized that meeting of economic committee isn't cancelled, and only transferred and will be carried out together with meeting of SGP CIS which will take place in Yalta on November 19-20. Press - Vladimir Putin's secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the announced visit to Kharkov can be postponed for November and is transferred to other city.

- While early to speak both about a place, and about exact date of a meeting. We recognize that at Putin and Tymoshenko very intense schedule, and now it is necessary for us these schedules as - to combine that, - mister Peskov declared.

- All of us - want to convince Putin not to cancel the arrangement. Negotiations on it are now conducted, - the interlocutor in the office of the Ukrainian government reported.

At the same time in relationship of presidents of Ukraine and Russia a certain warming can begin soon. As reported a source in a diplomatic corps, Victor Yushchenko "with a high share of probability" will go to the summit of the CIS which will take place in Kishinev on October 9:

- The final decision on this matter isn't made yet, but the secretariat of the president seriously considers possibility of participation of Victor Yushchenko in the Kishinev summit. It will allow to give a new impulse in relationship with the Commonwealth countries, full introduction in action of free trade zones within the CIS and attraction of Russia to projects within "Eastern Partnership".


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