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About that the stadium in Varvarovki's center is sold, deputies of the Nikolaev regional council learned incidentally.

Surprise for deputies

The Varvarovsky stadium will be 53 years old soon. During this time he endured not one generation of deputies and athletes. As the history says, in December, 1956 the executive committee of Varvarovsky regional council allocated from public lands of collective farm of a name of the Iskra Newspaper to settlement council under construction of the sporting venue three hectares of the earth. After introduction in operation the stadium was accepted on balance by the Nikolaev regional organization kooperativno - trade-union fizkulturno - sports association "Kolos", in other words - FSO "Ear". Poorly - poorly the stadium functioned all these years: here sporting events were held, passed physical education classes, various amatorsky competitions.

But the Union broke up, habitual foundations and rules failed, the sharing of collectively sewed property began.

To this titbit many got accustomed: who dreamed to construct on a place of stadium gas station, and someone - luxurious a house … But each virtual buyer understood: it is legally very difficult to snatch operating stadium in the heart of the regional center which has been actually connected to the city. Especially to people foreign, not accepted in the power and sports Penates of the city.

Someone only got accustomed, and someone acted …

When deputies of the Nikolaev regional council casually knew that the Kolos stadium together with uninhabited extensions and a football field is sold to the private Crimean enterprise, they didn't believe that such it is possible. How the municipal object could pass into a private property?

The answer to this question was looked for also by the deputy commission which the head of the Nikolaev regional council Yury Serebryakov appointed the order.

The opened facts were shocking.

Documents - mutants

Yes! It appeared, according to the purchase and sale contract of May 7, 2008 the Nikolaev regional public organization fizkulturno - improving club "Kolos" in the person of the chairman of the board of FOK "Ear" Valery Mikhaylovsky sold state of emergency "the Crimea - Lespromstroy" stadium with extensions for 1 million 250 thousand hryvnias.

Documents are inclined to tell the truth without excess emotions.As the protocol No. 1 of conference in which 47 authorized representatives of farms took part, enterprises and the organizations of the Nikolaev area testifies, regional fizkulturno - the improving club "Kolos" was created still on October 2, 2000 instead of liquidated KPFOT "Ear".

At first sight, anything strange in this document isn't present, here unless small, but very essential detail - there are no surnames of authorized representatives, names of the organizations, farms, the enterprises which those represented.

The charter of the new organization registered by the Nikolaev regional justice department, said: FOK "Ear" is the voluntary, INDEPENDENT regional public organization uniting the enterprises, establishments and the organizations irrespective of their form of ownership. In it there was no word also that the created club is the assignee of other organizations, including Nikolaev regional kooperativno - trade-union fizkulturno - improving association "Kolos" of agrarian and industrial complex of Ukraine (on which balance there was a stadium). In spite of the fact that voted for creation of FOKA "Ear" of 47 authorized representatives, in founders only three surnames, three natural persons, among which and the head of the Nikolaev regional council of VFSO "Ear" Vladimir Borukhov were written down.

Soon the order the chairman of FST "Ear" Borukhov appoints the chairman of FOK "Ear" of Valery Mikhaylovsky who is the cofounder on club.

On February 28, 2008 the next conference at which FOK "Ear" accepted addition to the charter took place. The club declared itself the assignee Nikolayevskogo regional trade-union cooperative fizkulturno - sports association "Kolos" and entered into the charter very important subparagraph - "to SELL, build, rent or lease the right necessary for performance of the activity of the room, the equipment, stadiums, sports constructions, sportswear … and other goods".

If in the protocol of the first conference there were no surnames of authorized representatives, in actual fact it appeared that conference at number three at all wasn't.

The deputy chief of department of affairs of youth and sports of the Nikolaev district state administration who appears in the protocol as the secretary of conference, privselyudno reported that at conference it wasn't present:On February 28 the district state administration held meeting of a sports asset following the results of fizkulturno - improving and sports work in Nikolaevsk the area.

Some more people who are registered in participants of conference, confirmed that they never were members of FOK "Ear" and couldn't be present on this action in any way.

There is a weight more of interesting documents. For example, the message of Regional office of fund of the state property of Ukraine on the Nikolaev area that it doesn't have data on Kolos stadium. Formally correct, but on - human the immoral answer of the head of the Nikolaev district state administration Alexander Bizhan that the stadium isn't collective property of territorial communities, settlements, villages of the Nikolaev area. This document became one more trump card in dishonest game.

The careful comparative analysis which has been carried out by the deputy commission, confirmed: collected documents obviously smell slightly of a crime.

The sporting venue - property municipal

Due to the stadium sale, the prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area sent the statement of claim to regional Economic court. The main respondents in business there pass The Crimea — Lesprombud private enterprise and the Nikolaev regional public organization fizkulturno - improving club "Kolos", as the third parties the executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council and the municipal enterprise "Nikolaev Long-distance Bureau of Technical Inventory" appears. The prosecutor's office asks to recognize illegal the decision of executive committee of the City Council regarding registration of the property right to non-residential premises of stadium, and to nullify the contract of purchase and sale. The prosecutor's office also asks court to recognize behind the Nikolaev regional council the property right to uninhabited constructions of Kolos stadium with service premises (football field) and to oblige bureau of technical inventory to register this right behind regional council. Considering that the stadium was on balance of the organization founded on collective form of ownership of agrarian and industrial complex of Ukraine, long time was used as object of amatorsky sports of regional appointment and till January, 2009 was financed from the budget of the Nikolaev area, structures of this stadium together with a football field have to be municipal property.

The head of the Nikolaev regional council Yury Serebryakov is convinced: the stadium was stolen from a bulk of the Nikolaev area, from the people living in the territory of 18 village councils.This municipal property, and bulk has the right to dispose of its destiny itself. Even if will decide to sell, sale will be transparent, on a competitive basis. Instead of as it occurred.

Now the word will tell court.


"The Nikolaev business"


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