The Russian suggests to control expenses a top - officials through specialaccounts

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The member of NUNS Gennady Moskal suggests Rada to oblige civil servants of 1 and 2 categories to open and use the specialbank account for implementation of all expenses and payments for goods (works, services) which cost exceeds the size of a minimum wage.

Gennady Moskal, photo Today

About it it is spoken in the bill 4276 (on replacement) "About modification of the law "About Public Service (about Strengthening of Counteraction of Corruption)", registered in Rada on September 15.

As the Russian explained, thus, it is offered to control all financial expenses and the income of civil servants of 1 and 2 categories for the purpose of corruption counteraction.

According to the bill, data on property, the income, expenses, obligations of financial character, including abroad, civil servants of these categories will take place on a web - a site of Head department of public service at the Cabinet and a web - sites of bodies where they work.

Not giving or doubtful providing these data, and also violation by the civil servant, which position is referred in due time to 1 or 2 categories, an established order of opening and use of the personal (special) bank account - provides the termination of civil service and dismissal.

The current legislation doesn't provide norm about obligatory opening and use in bank of the special account.

The first category of civil servants treat: chairmen of the State Committees who aren't members of the government, chairmen of other central bodies of the state executive power at Cabinet of Ministers, the constant representative of the president in the Crimea, the first deputy ministers, heads of the Secretariat of the president, the secretariat of Rada and others.

The second category of civil servants treat: deputy heads of the Secretariat of the president, deputy heads of the secretariat of Rada, advisers and Assistants to the President, the prime minister - the minister and the speaker, deputy ministers and others.

Earlier the Russian suggested parliament to oblige civil servants of 1 and 2 categories annually to publish and place on personal a web - data sites from the declaration on the income and property.


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