The Nikolaev politicum has quickened from - for Lviv garbage: one convene a session, and others call Sadovyi "on a carpet"

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Yury Granaturov and head of OB fraction Igor Dyatlov
Representatives of the Nikolaev politicum have made on September 12 comments about the resonant order of the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich on the Lviv garbage.

Earlier it was reported that on September 10, on the City Day the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich I have signed the order, according to which on the landfill near Nikolaev will bring household waste from Lviv. The mayor called it a temporary measure. On September 12 on the Nikolaev ground already have begun to accept the Lviv garbage

So, the greatest fraction in the Nikolaev City Council, «Oppositional block» I have decided to initiate convocation of an extraordinary session of the City Council.

«According to fraction, the mayor of Nikolaev Alexander Senkevich has exceeded the authority when he has secretly published the order No. 233r «About burial of MSW on the Nikolaev city ground». In our opinion, this decision is made exclusively to please to party interests «Self-help» , which is headed by the mayor of Lviv Andrey Sadovyi and which member is the mayor of Nikolaev. This decision harms interests of our city…This question hasn't been considered neither on executive committee, nor in the deputy commissions, nor at a session, nor at public hearings–everything is made secretly!. The situation has to be considered at the extraordinary session of city council. Because decisions which influence city life have to be accepted by all community, but not one official. It is necessary to cancel the illegal order of the mayor» , - it is noted in the message of the Nikolaev Communist Party organization «ABOUT».

Head of fraction «Petro Poroshenko Bloc» in the Nikolaev City Council Vladimir Krylenko has noted that Senkevich had to consider interests of all citizens and opinion of deputies at making decision on the Lviv garbage. Also Krylenko wants that the mayor of Lviv Sadovyi has reported to the Nikolaev deputies. 

Vladimir Krylenko (on the right)

«Such initiative of the mayor to congratulate on the City Day of residents of Nikolayev on a holiday the order about reception of MSW became a bolt from the blue both for all residents, and for inhabitants of Big Korenikhi.I don't know what has induced Alexander Fedorovich (the mayor Nikolaev Senkevich–PN) on such step, but is sure that in the nearest future it needs to arrive to Korenikhu and to offer explanations for residents of the residential district…».

«Alexander Fedorovich's colleague mayor of Lviv was an initiator of this order. I think, deputies of the City Council will support me, having given an opportunity to Andrey Ivanovich (the mayor of Lviv Sadovyi–PN) to make a speech at a session and to adduce arguments in favor of this economic operation. Besides, it would be desirable that Alexander Fedorovich at the following decisions infringing on interests of all citizens found an opportunity to consider opinion of deputy corps, or at least beforehand to inform them of the plans» , - Krylenko quotes a press - service of the Nikolaev Communist Party organization of the PPB.

The mayor of Nikolaev in 2013-2015, the deputy of the City Council from «Our edge» Yury Granaturov the decision on burial in Nikolaev called MSW from Lviv unreasoned and incompetent, write «Nikvesti». 

- In - the first, the solid waste landfill needs the most serious modernization which we have already begun to carry out–have given life to installation which makes a lot of electric power also extorts flammable, toxic gas from a dump. But these capacities are far not enough. In - the second, it is constantly necessary to update there the heavy caterpillar machinery which is engaged in alignment of layers of municipal solid waste, oversleeping. I hope, will finance the decision on enclosing of a dump soon - it has too close approached city boundaries. Therefore I consider that this completely unreasoned action, absolutely incompetent decision. I don't know which of experts analyzed it. We don't know what structure this household waste from where specifically they are carried whether there is a chemical analysis, - Granaturov has noted.

- I for the first time see that in the day off the order of the mayor was issued. Similar orders, as well as emergency meetings of executive committee or a session, according to all regulating documents, in the day off are accepted or according to the decision of the commission on environmental disasters, or in case of emergency situation. There are no other cases for the edition of the order in the day off.I would like to know how on Saturday when all were on the square when in the city hall wasn't the uniform worker who carried out the whole procedure there? The order has to undergo a number of coordination. Interestingly, who has coordinated it? I am convinced that such decision needs to be made jointly. In this decision there should be no policy,–Granaturov has specified.

Fraction of party «Our edge» I have declared also convocation of an extraordinary session of the City Council at which have to discuss reception of MSW from Lviv. 

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