Yulia Timoshenko became "apple of discord" between KPU and PSPU – from - for it Pspushniki refused to unite in the left block

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Last week, on September 14, was the Declaration of the political block of the left and left-centrist forces is officially signed. Under this document put the signatures heads of KPU, Spravedlivost party, SDPU(O) and Union of the Left Forces party. Contrary to expectations, PSPU though it and took part in negotiation process didn't join this block. PSPU position concerning association of the left stated Nikolaev to Pspushniki Larisa Shesler and Dmitry Nikonov.

"Procedure of negotiations went quite tensely, there were certain disagreements which weren't overcome", - declared L. Shesler at a meeting with the journalists, organized a press - the Nikolaev Choice-2010 center. According to her, ideological divergences in the Declaration became the main stumbling block. In particular, KPU put forward the declaration as basic, in opinion Pspushnikov it was necessary to create the general declaration initially.

However on it the conflict between PSPU and KPU didn't end. We will remind that KPU intends to propose Pyotr Simonenko the candidate for president. "For Simonenko's PSPU isn't the unacceptable candidate but if Simonenko goes in presidents, then we have to put forward the prime minister - the minister. And though Simonenko's chances the president to become insignificant, but such position would show our unity. But this position removed", - Larisa Shesler told about the "contention" reasons.

Don't refer Pspushniki with communists and in NATO and Russian questions. KPU insisted that the issue of occurrence of Ukraine in NATO has to be resolved by will of the vast majority, by holding a referendum, to raise the status of Russian to the status state. However at Pspushnikov a bit different view of these things.

"If, for example, the referendum concerning the status of Russian is held, and 40% will tell that want to provide to Russian the status state, and 60% will express against.That will make that decision for which the majority voted. And the opinion of those 40% of the population isn't considered? Too most NATO concerns also. It is impossible to tie the Declaration to a referendum which will take place with unclear result, after all voices can and be forged", - Dmitry Nikonov (Gallantly is deeply sure! Better in general not to ask the people that it wants - vlastyimushchy know it better - an edition).

But nevertheless, point on support of the candidate for president in the second round became the main apple of discord in this conflict.

"We weren't given any guarantees that in the second round the left block won't support Yulia Timoshenko, - declared L. Shesler. - If support her, we won't be able to justify before the voters. Tymoshenko's candidate is unacceptable for us anyway, all see populism of her theses. We understand that it from NATO is more pragmatic, than Yushchenko, but from Hugo - the East her position destroys economy". In opinion Pspushnikov even if communists accepted other points offered by PSPU, but wouldn't give guarantees of relative that Tymoshenko's nomination won't support in the second round, they all the same wouldn't sign the Declaration - "already it crosses out everything".

"The position of KPU doesn't suit us therefore the left block with our participation didn't take place, but it quite can will take place in the next year or two", - D. Nikonov put end.


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