Inna Bogoslovskaya is sure that the present parliament has no right for existence

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The present parliament has no right for existence! It in Nikolaev was declared today by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Inna Bogoslovskaya.

"At level of trust of the population of 2-4% the parliament can't exist. This parliament created on closed lists which turned it into body of opposition of five heads parliamentary. I am sure that the present parliament will exist till next year, and then will be dismissed. The new President who him wouldn't become, will dismiss this parliament because has for this purpose all bases", - Inna Bogoslovskaya is sure.

She considers that today in parliament there is no coalition and it is the main reason for which it has to be dismissed.

"But even, if it is created the coalitions of Party of Regions and BYuT, the new President if he is in "office" to BYuT and PR, and I am sure that Ukraine will elect the new president, it will be able to dismiss this parliament as this coalition will contradict a choice of citizens", - noted the People's Deputy.

Having summed up told, I. Bogoslovskaya declared that next year, without fail, the new Parliament will be elected.

"I think that Ukraine in one year, and, maybe, and in one month will choose both parliament and councils on places", - подитожила Inna Bogoslovskaya.


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