Alexey Garkusha categorically disproved information on leaving "at own will"

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Governor of the Nikolaev areaAlexey GarkushaI disproved information that he wrote the application in which asked the President to exempt it from execution of the duties.

"I for the first time hear about it. I wrote any statement to nobody", - he told.

At the same time, on a question of rather future candidates on a post of the governor of the Nikolaev area -Aleksandra Sadykova, former head YEAH, andArkady Kornatsky, in time to work as the deputy acting governor,Alexey NikolaevichI answered the following: "It is possible if on elections the administrative resource" is used.

I agreed to comment on appeared information also Arkady Kornatsky. "Whoever appointed to a position of the governor, he will be better than Garkusha", - declaredArkady Alekseevich. Activity Andлексея Garkushaon a post of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Andrkady Kornatskyregards extremely negatively - as "дерибан" and "wrecking", especially in relation to agriculture and agricultural producers.

As for own appointment to the post of the governor, that, by wordsA. Kornatsky, nobody contacted it and didn't consult in this occasion and he hears about it for the first time. According to him, I there was a speech about return it on the previous place of work - the deputy governor. "My dismissal was illegal about what I and reported in the letter in the Secretariat of the President", - reportedArkady Kornatsky.


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