BYuT any more doesn't believe in Tymoshenko's pedagogical talent?

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At "secret" congress of BYuT - action took place behind closed doors, the press didn't start up - at the refugee from the coalition Igor Rybakov, according to a source, selected the deputy mandate. In parallel left the powers a number of deputies of the local councils which activity irritated recently the block management.

However, the same source reported that congress decided not to make comments at all and... not to publish the solution of the block. Really all - hope to return lascivious нардепа to a coalition bosom?

At the end of the last week other sources in BYuT predicted that at the beginning of July in fraction of the prime minister "the syndrome of a cat of Leopold" will rage. Allegedly, Yulia Timoshenko personally ruined four hours on a vrazumleniye deputy the fractions. Click of a whip sounded on Monday. And as gingerbread if to trust sources, Tymoshenko beckoned the Bolshevik - расстригу with key positions in her government. Namely a chair vice-a premiere concerning customs service, vice-the speaker of BP and the head of State customs (having lost hope to receive the last, Fishermen, actually, and I made feet of the coalition). It seems as, the prime minister and the refugee agreed moreover and repented Fishermen promised to give as a bonus the colleague on "absence without leave" - the native of the coalition from WELL - Jurij Booth's NANOSECOND.

Now whether the firm fighter with "dictatorship and an arbitrariness" the leader of BYuT only in addition intimidated that was more compliant. Whether нардеп all - I got into a mess, and Tymoshenko waits for only legal justification to declare a final gap with the deserter.

And I told - that Fishermen in two weeks with a tail enough:

On June 6 it, for the first time after scoring of his statement for secession of the parliamentary coalition (but not from BYuT fraction) I explained the decision in such here expressions: "The decision to leave ranks of the parliamentary majority turned out to be logical consequence of the numerous corruption acts found by me which traces conduct to the top management of the government".Personally to the head of customs Valery Khoroshkovsky who got a "disputable" position, came for the organization of large illicit schemes and financial frauds, "facilitated the state budget on billion hryvnias".

In passing got also to Rybakov's shefena - to Yulia Vladimirovna whom нардеп - the turncoat in clear accused that the prime minister - the minister doesn't react to the shouting facts of frauds and corruption because "shadow schemes" are personally favorable to it. "The government not only didn't stop illegal schemes, but also expanded an arsenal of means of smuggling".

On June 9 to the list of the reasons of an exit of Rybakov from the coalition the most original was added almost: "I made a political course for improvements of life of people in the country". Obviously, for strengthening of psychological effect in passing were вываляны in dirt of 90% of critics of Rybakov (the truth, this time - without direct indication of surnames and positions) who, by words "sufferer", at first publicly say about it scurrilous things, and after - call it personally with apologies, say, them forced: the leader of fraction entered obligatory participation нардепов from BYuT in an indicative flogging of mister Rybakov.

And in 3 days - on June 12 - Fishermen I declared that its exit from the coalition - final and irrevocable. "I want to dispel all myths and hearings... about the return to the coalition is everything a lie which is sounded by deputies and leaders of fraction to hold other deputies who want to leave the coalition, but don't decide, - the deputy told, and added. - I showed all that I am responsible for the words and I am not going to take a step back". Also, by words нардепа, the coalition after its leaving started collapsing "at reckless speed".

On June 20 Fishermen once again I confirmed" the resolute and final gap with the coalition which created a roof over shadow, corruption schemes of plunder of the state", and it was finally convinced of the correctness as soon as he knew of preparing attempts at his life. Allegedly нардепу unknown called, predicting fast death. And the fighter for a right cause suspected "corrupt officials and smugglers together with their high patrons of Kiev", which its hard line - that a bone in a throat.

And in five days in SBU it was decided that fighters of special forces "Alpha" will accompany Rybakov and members of his family round the clock where they were.

Actually for any few weeks the sentimental picture of political persecution on the verge of physical destruction of the honest deputy guilty only that fought against injustice was painted and wasn't afraid to define openly the position to negative processes in the native block and fraction. Unless as proof of the told it wasn't provided any document, any judicial claim. Moreover it is possible to carry that fact to shortcomings of "registration" that until an exit of mister Rybakov from structure of the parliamentary majority anybody and didn't know about its disagreements with factionists of BYuT...

And the worm of doubt eats one more: I left - that the honest and basic deputy coalition structure, but not fraction. Though if to consider its differences of opinion with Yulia Timoshenko (as the prime minister - the minister) and Valery Khoroshkovsky appointed by it on methods of work of State customs, and also with Yulia Vladimirovna (as the leader of BYuT) and the fraction management - for ways of introduction of intra fractional discipline, - it would be more logical to arrive just the opposite. That is to remain the member of the parliamentary coalition, but to declare that doesn't consider itself from this point as the deputy - byutovets.

However, there is a circumstance which explains and a demarche form chosen natives of the coalition, and at the same time and assumptions that Tymoshenko considers possibility of return of Rybakov as full-fledged alternative to exile from parliament.

Deputies from BYuT, making comments in mass media on possibility of deprivation of Rybakov of the mandate, referred to the last year's decision of the Constitutional court by which to initiators of consideration of the case about constitutionality of decrees of Victor Yushchenko about dissolution of BP it was refused production opening on the ground that to 8 of 45 signers at the time of consideration representations any more weren't нардепами : BYuT deprived of them mandates, having expelled them from fraction structure... That is possibility of application of the imperative mandate in case of an exit of the deputy from parliamentary fraction was actually legalized.

But Fishermen - that with Booth left not fractions, and the coalition. So, even attempt to apply very shaky precedent (the specified factor contains only in motivation part of the solution of KS) to natives of the coalition initially is problematic. And very long... And nobody told that it would be more difficult to agree...

It is necessary to watch succession of events only further.As soon as "confidential congress" BYuT will publish the decision officially, it is necessary to expect a series of judicial claims in which offended the recent administration will try to drown Fishermen. At the same time opponents from PR and the joint venture will make every effort not to allow registration of other deputy from BYuT, at the same time trying to reformat the coalition, referring to shortage of numerical structure.

However, the optimistic option - isn't better at all. And its only difference that it will bring problems not the other day, and in long-term prospect. Demonstrative fraternization of native fractions with lascivious нардепами will occupy koalitsiant for couple of days at most. Then the come back will throw far away empty packings from - under "is flown into a rage", will erase from memory all loud charges and buckets of the poured-out dirt and will joyfully run to receive the promised gingerbreads.

Only where a guarantee, what at whom gingerbreads will select for delivery "more worthy", won't consider, in turn, the course of it "chudodeyny preparation" has the right to accept itself also? After all positions on all won't suffice by definition.


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