It is possible or not establish individual heating in apartment houses, deputies of the City Council weren't defined

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Still on July 24 the executive committee of the City Council made the decision "On providing coordination when transfer certain apartments in the mnogokvatirnykh houses on the equipment of autonomous systems of heating and hot water supply" by which it was provided that the interdepartmental commissions of administrations of districts of the city will give coordination on disconnection of apartments from the centralized heating and hot water supply in the multiroom houses which residents don't receive high-quality services in a heat supply and hot water supply.

But the prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area decided that this decision of executive committee illegally and offered deputies of the City Council on 38-й sessions of city council to satisfy the protest.

Point of view of prosecutor's office: disconnection from the centralized heating can happen only in that case when all residents of the house will make such decision. That is disconnection of any certain residents from the civilization benefit in the form of the centralized heating is illegal.

Many deputies weren't agree with the point of view of prosecutor's office. For example, Lyudmila Bulakh spoke about a large number of addresses to it of residents who don't receive high-quality services in a heat supply and hot water supply and want to equip in the apartments individual systems of heating.

"If we make such decision which to us the prosecutor's office recommends to accept, people us won't understand", - the deputy spoke.

Igor Katvalyuk too wasn't agrees with such approach - or the whole house is disconnected, or anybody.

But vote didn't yield expected result: it wasn't gathered the necessary quantity of voices neither for a deviation of a protest of prosecutor's office, nor its satisfaction.So the mayor Vladimir Chaika suggested to give to prosecutor's office the answer that supposedly the city council works over this question how to make so that also the prosecutor's office didn't see in the solution of a violation of the law and that nikolayevets were happy.

If to judge according to the explanatory note from prosecutor's office which proves need of reduction of the decision of executive committee in compliance to the current legislation, the "Both Sheep Are Whole, and Wolves Are Full" option is unreal.


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