Yury Lutsenko: "We have to turn the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from the Soviet machine of repression on human rights structure"

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Today in the Ukrainian House with the assistance of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko Public hearings concerning observance of human rights in militia activity took place. Chiefs of branch services of the Ministry, regional managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Assistant Secretaries also took part in meeting on human rights, members of profile committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, representatives of the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, State Department concerning execution of punishments, the central public authorities, and also the international organizations and diplomatic missions of the foreign states in Ukraine.

Were present at these public hearings and the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area militia colonel Vladimir Uvarov and the Assistant Secretary of internal affairs of Ukraine on human rights in the Nikolaev area Sergey Shvets.

The Minister of Internal Affairs who emphasized that is the first meeting in such format during which he expects opened meeting of Public hearings to hear from the public truthful words and remarks concerning activity of the Ukrainian militia.

According to Yury Lutsenko in order that guards at all levels heard opinion of the public, chiefs of all regional managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine who, in turn, have to analyse information were invited to meeting of Public council today and inform its staff.

The minister noted that he heard many critical remarks of rather direct carrying out these Public hearings as supposedly "why all dirt to take out on the general review". But, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs, such openness for society - "it not campaign, not a whim and not an one-time stock, and permanent system job of modern Ukrainian militia".

- We do similar open work on "mistakes" of militia in order that to turn the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine from the Soviet machine of repression into really human rights structure, - Yury Lutsenko emphasized.

In particular, the Minister noted that for police officers a prime task - safety of citizens which, first of all, has to be implemented in the legal plan. And the main instrument of ensuring human rights in militia activity, according to Yury Lutsenko, - openness and adherence to principles.

- We know our shortcomings and we want to hear not only ascertaining of the negative facts in militia activity, and the main thing - ways and possibilities of their decision, - Yury Lutsenko noted.

At hearings a number of problem questions which the Ministry and which, in turn, were considered at separate sessions of Public hearings faced was outlined.

Participants of hearings didn't ignore also activity of the State automobile inspection. In particular, as the Minister noted, thanks to introduction of new system of punishments of breakers of rules of traffic only this year the number of victims decreased by 35% on roads. That is, I was сбережена life of 2150 participants of traffic.

- Automatic fixing of violations of the rules of traffic - the most effective preventive action which is introduced in the civilized world, - the Minister emphasized.

Participants of hearings focused the attention on militia work with complaints of citizens.

So, for the last year, from 48 250 complaints were confirmed - 7,7%. Daily police officers check a large number of complaints of citizens. In turn the Ministry of Internal Affairs does everything possible for efficiency of their consideration. In particular, the new order which provides simplification of procedure of adoption of complaints was signed recently.

The Minister of Internal Affairs noted also importance of ensuring human rights in insulators of a temporary continence. I there was a speech, in particular, about work of "mobile groups" which carry out monitoring of conditions of the maintenance of citizens in specialestablishments.

Also, it is necessary to tell that during public hearings it was noted that in Ukraine in the last two years the situation with observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens worsened when carrying out mass actions twice. It was declared by the cochairman of the Kharkov human rights group Evgeny Zakharov. According to him, it is caused by absence of the law regulating carrying out such actions. The relevant bill is under consideration of the Verkhovna Rada, but it doesn't meet standards regarding observance of human rights."It needs to be copied completely", - E. Zakharov told.

In turn the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko declared that it is necessary to state in the law not only responsibility of law enforcement agencies, but also responsibility of participants of mass actions as cases when participants of meetings abuse the right for a freedom of assembly take place and under the guise of a political or social protest carry out capture of office buildings, lands and a private property. Therefore, according to the minister, in the new law it is necessary to give, in particular, accurate definition to such terms as "actions", "pickets", "meetings" and so forth.


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