In the Crimea caught the ethnic Russian preparing jihad

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As reports department of public relations of GUMVD of Ukraine in ARE the Crimea, in the territory of the Simferopol area especially dangerous armed gang is revealed and neutralized.

During carrying out a consequence it is established that 2 Crimean Tatars and one ethnic Russian - the inhabitant of the Nizhnegorsky area who in 2006 accepted Islam were its part. Before occupation by criminal activity all three worked in Yalta at building of various objects, in the same place they visited a mosque in which Hizbut - Tahrir" got acquainted and approached with adherents of a current ". Further, at mosque visit literature of the Muslim religious organization "At Takfir Wal Hidzhra" under the influence of which they turned from "Hizbut - Tahrir" into the above movement was transferred to them, having thus refused visit of a mosque and having destroyed the passports by burning as the doctrine accepted by them doesn't recognize a political system. Members of "At Takfir Val Hidzhra" are forbidden to study and work in public institutions, to be photographed, have at themselves identification papers, to maintain the relations with "incorrect".

Since this time, detainees began to prepare for conducting armed "Jihad" actively. Preparation consisted in acquisition and weapon production, studying of the literature connected with tactics of conducting guerrilla and diversionary war in conditions is mountain - the woody district of the Crimea. Near the village Clean the Simferopol area they constructed the bunker - a cache, recruitment of citizens for attraction to radical extremist activity was carried out. Two fowling pieces of which sawn-off shotguns, and two guns of Revolver system are made were acquired. For the purpose of financial security of the criminal activity the group made thefts in the territory of the Simferopol area. When carrying out survey of a residence of one of members of a gang (Russian on a nationality) in the self-capture territory near the village Oaklets were found and withdrawn literature and CD - the disks preaching movement of a Wahhabism, namely extremely its radical directions "Hizbut — Tahrir" and "At Takfir Wal Hidzhra", and also the grants connected with studying tactics - technical characteristics of firearms and some types of explosives.

"At Takfir Валь Hidzhra" - is the fundamentalist Islamic organization created in 1971. For the first time loudly she declared the existence during stealing and further murder of the Egyptian sheikh Mohammed Hussein a hell - Dakhabi. It is supposed that the part of members of the group neutralized at the end of 70-x years, was related to murder in 1981 of the president of the Arab Republic of Egypt Anwar Sadat. After acts of terrorism in the USA on September 11, 2001 in Egypt the whole series of trials on the affairs connected with extremism and terrorism in relation to members of "At Takfir Val Hidzhra" took place. This current is entered by U.S. State Department in the list of the forbidden terrorist organizations.

Work on documenting of activity of the criminal organization is continued.


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