Today in Nikolaev Poles impart experience zhilishchno - municipal reform

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Today, on October 7, in the building of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Poles tell nikolayevets about how they coped with reform of housing and communal services. Seminar subject - "The Polish experience of transfer of house adjoining territories to housing societies, legal aspects of allocation and privatization".

- Privatization of the house adjoining territory of OSMD is the last that remained in Ukraine as incentive to completion of reform of housing and communal services, - the head of the Lvov public organization "Center of Information Consulting"explainedVladimir Brigilevich, which participates in a seminar. -We distributed free of charge housing, having forgotten to distribute duties to care of the house.Mi privatized air, and forgot about responsibility for staircases and for all the rest. We didn't lift a subject of the land plots. The Polish and Ukrainian experts agree: if it is good to register the scheme of privatization of house adjoining territories, these can stimulate both creation of the organizations of co-owners of apartment houses (OCOAH), and completion of reform of housing. Today's situation in Ukraine it is simple accident. Thus that we have 85% of the privatized housing stock, there are only 6 - 8% of OSMD. The rest is the privatized apartments which are on the maintenance of the municipal enterprises. From the point of view of world experience, it is absurdity.We live in own apartments, and someone to us has to clean a staircase.And worst of all that we have no influence on quality of these services. We pay to ZhEKU, but no mechanisms of control ЖЭКов are present.

The main problem, according to the chairman of the board of the Nikolaev regional public organization "Center of Innovative Development of the Region"Igor Meget, that Ukrainians have no privatized earth is.

- In Ukraine, from the point of view of the western expert - the lawyer,we at all have no privatized housing, - he speaks. - We privatized an air cubic capacity, but in any way square meters, and the more so, not the earth on which there are our square meters. It threatens that in case of, for example, earthquake, our walls will fall. Then the only thing that remains, is to wait for the help from the state, it is possible because to prove only the right for an air cubic capacity over the such - that a site of the Ukrainian earth.

Experience of Poles who already finished reform of housing and communal services, nobody is going to adopt completely, to copy. The seminar purpose - to study experience of the country of the former socialist camp to which system ЖЭКов was imposed, and most it is better to adapt from this experience for the Ukrainian conditions.

In Nikolaev of the problems connected with reform of housing and communal services, there is a lot of. For example, still there are judicial proceedings apropos to allocation of one of the land plots. As the chief of a municipal government of land resourcestoldAlexander Moroz, three design institutes developed three different projects of the house adjoining territory for one land plot: on 1000 m ², on 450 m ² and on 15 m ².

- All three design institutes were guided by the state construction norms, - toldAlexander Moroz. - One more problem question - who has to pay development of the project. It is expensive service, and the City Council now on it means has no.

But there are also more global problems. That acts which are urged to govern the land relations, were accepted, through time were cancelled, now the City Council doesn't give out permission to distribution of the house adjoining territory and permission to development of projects of land management. At all without looking at addresses of citizens.

The chief expert of the first half of a seminar is the president of the Krakow association of Managers of real estateMaciej Krakovyak. In its management there are more than 300 thousand meters square housing in the Polish voivodeship.

- Poland already passed a stage of occurrence into market economy and the municipal problems connected with it, - he speaks. - When Poland passed this stage, it got serious support from more developed countries, including the methodical. Therefore now, having passed this stage and having achieved results, we want to share experience, sometimes bitter, reforming and entry into the market.

Problem which remained the general both for Ukraine, and for Poland, issamozastroy. However, Poles fight against this phenomenon more radical methods.

- In Poland was and there is such problem - illegal invasion (or illegal investments - so Poles call samozastroy - a bus), - speaksMaciej Krakovyak. - In Poland there is a public service Construction supervision who watches existence of allowing documentation and in especially difficult cases decisions are made up to demolition of an illegal structure.

The second half of a seminar (after 14.00) the lawyer, the lawyer, ex-the head of land managements of Lviv and the Lvov areaBogdan Kondratskywill devote to legal aspects of privatization and transfer of the house adjoining land plots. He will tell that allows, and that the Ukrainian legislation, and also that waits for us in case of privatization doesn't allow. At the end of a seminar everyone will be able to ask experts questions.


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