The state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" – invests in GSH Danube-Black Sea of 106,1 million UAH

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Danube - the Black Sea will fill with money. For its development allocated 106 million hryvnias

The Cabinet of Ministers approved yesterday the investment program for deep-water ship course (DWSC) construction Danube - the Black Sea. In the next two years the operator of the channel - the state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" - invests in it 106,1 million UAH. Experts consider that it will allow the channel to increase the volume of passed freights at the expense of streams which now pass in the competing directions in Romania.

The resolution "About Modification of the Program of Complex Development of Ukrainian of Podunavya for 2004-2011" accepted the government yesterday at the meeting devoted to problems of ports (about other made decisions see the reference). According to the document, until the end of the current year the operator of GSH Danube - the Black Sea the state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" will spend for its construction of 130 million UAH: in 2010 - 32,6 million UAH, and in 2011 - 73,4 million more UAH. "Construction of a ship course of the channel will allow Ukraine to attract twice more than vessels, to strengthen transit potential and to become stronger on the new, Danube direction", - the prime minister - the minister Yulia Timoshenko declared.

GSH Danube - the Black Sea provides the round-the-clock and two-way traffic of vessels. Extent of a ship course - 3,4 km, design a deposit of vessels - 7,2 m. Navigation in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta was restored two years ago. During this time through the channel passed 3,1 thousand vessels (1,01 thousand in 2009).

The director of state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" Alexander Golodnitsky considers that the channel already has advantages which allow it to compete with the Sulinsky canal (Romania) successfully. For the last two months the Ukrainian party for the first time managed to pass more vessels, than to competitors - in August 180 against 124 vessels, in September 141 against 112. According to mister Golodnitsky, Ukraine can redirect through Danube - the Black Sea to 40% of the freights going now through the Sulinsky channel.

The head of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning transport and communication Vladimir Kozak says that after construction of GSH it will be possible to increase transfer of chemical production - ethylene and propylene - and high-quality steel.By calculations of parliamentary committee for transport and communication, implementation of the new program will allow to increase the cumulative income of the state and connected with operation of the channel of ports and the enterprises to $120-150 million a year.
The chief of Ilyichevsky sea trade port Gennady Skvortsov notes that the funds allocated by Cabinet of Ministers it is enough to finish works in 2012. In his opinion, from expansion of the channel will win three ports - Ilyichevsky, and also ports in Izmail and Rennie. The chief of Reniysky sea trade port Sergey Stroya claims that through Danube - the Black Sea freights which go not only through Romania, but on river system through Bulgaria can be directed. "We get chance to become the serious player in system of river transportation of the European Union countries where this type of transport from - for a rise in prices for energy carriers becomes more and more popular", - he speaks.


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