For Stalin's charges of bloody terror the descendant of the former leader filed a lawsuit against the newspaper

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On Friday in Basmanny Court hearings in the claim of the grandson Stalin Evgeny Dzhugashvili to "The new newspaper" and one of her authors proceeded. The grandson demanded 10 million rubles from "The new newspaper".

In April of this year edition published article of the former investigator of the Main military prosecutor's office Anatoly Yablokov about execution of the Polish prisoners of war in Katyn, than revolted the relative Stalin. In the claim about honor and dignity protection of the grandfather the grandson demanded 10 million rubles from "The new newspaper", reports

Evgeny Dzhugashvili who was indignant with three statements in article of Yablokov's representatives, for specification of an essence of the requirements provided two disputable phrases of article: "Stalin and security officers are tied by big blood" and "Stalin was the bloody cannibal".

Having heard on the eve of an explanation of claimants, the court began poll of respondents. Anatoly Yablokov who was acting first, tried to inform to claimants that estimates are given in article documented and facts of common knowledge. The second day Yablokov and his defenders go to court with a pile of school textbooks.

"Working as the investigator of the Main military prosecutor's office, I was engaged in investigation of Katyn business, and I can subscribe that falsification there isn't present", - Anatoly Yablokov told in court.

The chief stood up for it - the editor of department of modern history "New newspaper" Oleg Khlebnikov editing scandalous article. "One of our shareholders - Mikhail Gorbachev, - noticed in court Khlebnikov. - He is familiar with materials of Katyn business, and we can invite him in court if it is required".

For the grandson and the grandfather

The stage of questions and answers at meeting developed into verbal sparring. Dzhugashvili's three representatives among whom, by the way, there is no professional lawyer on civil cases, prepared 45 questions the majority from which the court rejected as irrelevant. Among them there were questions: Whether "Stalin stole money? ", whether "Stole at Stalin yachts? whether" and "Is a crime theft? ".

Opponents starved out, asking the same questions to Yablokov, and then one of his lawyers, Henry Reznik.

In turn Henry Reznik submitted to court not only documents from state archive and archive of the president, but also disks with lists of surnames of the shot Poles, signed by Stalin, and also with lists of the rehabilitated. According to the respondent, these materials confirm that "Stalin and security officers are tied by big blood". However claimants on it declared categorically: "Disks with each number "New newspaper" aren't delivered! "

Yablokov's representatives in reply took an interest: "Why it is Evgeny Dzhugashvili went to court right now, after all it could make it at the Soviet power? " But the representative of the claimant didn't answer this question in court.

"I, to tell the truth, itself am not familiar with it (Evgeny Dzhugashvili. - ), - the defender Yury Mukhin told after meeting it. - But, probably, time didn't come or there were no suitable people for protection. In general process was initiated by Leonid Nikolaevich Zhura (one more representative of the claimant. -".

Dzhugashvili doesn't visit meeting of Basmanny Court. According to his lawyers this results from the fact that he is the nonpublic person.

The decision is already ready

After meeting Yury Mukhin heavy sighed before the foreign journalist who has asked it about Strasbourg, and admitted that business is doomed to a failure. "The judge doesn't ask any questions as a matter of fact, doesn't understand and doesn't listen to us. At it the decision" is already ready, - Yury Mukhin assumed.

We will remind that the day before the judge Aleksandra Lopatkina refused to claim from government bodies of the proof on business and rejected petitions of claimants.

Alexey Binetsky, Anatoly Yablokov's representative, assumed that business will collapse from - for lack of claims in it in essence. "It is a set of historical distortions and claims of personal character to Yablokov", - he told. "Everything that here occurs - in a vaudeville genre", - echoes the colleague Reznik.

The decision on Dzhugashvili's claim claimants and respondents waited on Friday. However for an hour before the end of meeting when the judge was going to listen to the remained questions and to consider materials, and then to go to the consultative room, to the representative Dzhugashvili Leonid Zhure it became bad, at it the foot ached. Therefore the end of hearings in the claim postponed for October 13.


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