The public association "Out of Policy" urges nikolayevets to make the list of those who has to be in power

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All of us daily and hourly adjoin to that occurs in our country and in our city. The lie and lack of talent of those to whom we entrusted our destinies and the future of our children, became obvious to everyone. They remember us only when our voices are necessary to them. Again we are necessary to them only in order that further unscrupulously and with impunity to plunder us, depriving of the last hope. Infinite elections changed nothing and won't change. Because from us stole even an option. Again in power hope to remain those who brought the country to the last line.

In Ukraine there are no parties and any policy. Multi-colored tags cover groups and the clans which only purpose is own enrichment through final plunder already completely become impoverished country and the people.

Elections according to the closed party lists destroyed at the same time and local government. But even if these lists become open, it too will change nothing. Those who goes to the power only from mercenary motives again will get to them. Again a vicious vicious circle which needs to be broken off. And if to change the country own forces - an unreal task for nikolayevets, to begin transformations with our city, to bring an order to Nikolaev by means of the real mechanism of democracy to us quite on a shoulder. If it becomes our general task.

Creating in 2006 in Nikolaev the association "Out of Policy", we didn't set before ourselves such large-scale purposes. We, according to the lights, it is simple on - human helped and we help those who needs the help. Without advertizing this help and without swinging color rags before telephoto lenses. People from whom the power turned away, the same people and chosen, it appeared in our city much. Whether such power is necessary to us?

But in structures of the power there can't be a vacuum, differently it will again be filled with dishonest businessmen from policy and their servants. And the city will be plundered finally.

As the only exit from the developed critical situation we offer the following.

In each area, residential districts and labor collectives there are authoritative, decent and dear people, business deserved this respect. We call inhabitants of Nikolaev, prior to the beginning of official elections, to elect future deputies of the City Council of the following convocation from their number. Not to vote then for lists already created by someone.

That all nikolayevets who have gathered in a residence or work, without any participation of the authorities and the other interested subjects, proposed candidates of those whom they personally know also to whom on - to the present trust. Everything who is called the elects by nikolayevets, and will make the opened and published list of the movement "Out of Policy". It also will be manifestation of true democracy. Thus, still to through false and many years of forged elections, inhabitants of Nikolaev will be able to make the choice for really worthy people who will bear personal responsibility before those who nominated them, and then and chose. Then it will be valid a choice of citizens! Only this way it is possible to finish that is created in Nikolaev, with bribery of officials and mutual responsibility of deputies from parties. And for this purpose it isn't necessary to wait for global changes, decisions of the president and the government or modification of existing electoral laws for this purpose aren't necessary. We can change life in the city only this way, having nominated the honest and professional people who aren't depending on rich persons, from whims of politicians and from appetites of their relatives. The people knowing and loving Nikolaev, considering nikolayevets colleagues, instead of electoral biomass.

We wait for all and everyone who shares our views and belief to the address: Moskovskaya St., 56. ph. 718495.

On behalf of public
associations "Out of Policy"
Alexander Zholobetsky


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