The Nikolaev officials once again decided to reduce reform of housing and communal services to increase of tariffs

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The coordination council which has passed on October 14 in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies, caused a stir the importance declared in advance: presence of the deputy of the mayor, head of housing and communal services departmentVladimir Novozhilovhas an effect.

The question of reforming of the housing and communal services, only all "reforming" as it appeared stood the first in the agenda, consisted in increase of tariffs. And that, in two and a half hours of meeting anybody didn't understand anything - when all - these tariffs will lift and that with it to do to citizens.

From speech of the deputy director of housing and communal services department, the head of department of operation and reforming,Sergey Klimenkoone was clear - tariffs will be raised. In general, of course, so directly didn't declare - we raise - and a point! - but meant. Officials preferred the words "tariffs are reconsidered", "are brought into accord with the resolution", and Novozhilov at all from far away came:

- Our hopes that we will facilitate freight on solvency of the population didn't come true...

According to the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers, the working group of management of reforming of housing and communal services the project according to which each house will pay the tariff was developed and to receive the list of services from ЖЭКов. The decision of the Cabinet provides 18 types of service, the decision of the Nikolaev executive committee - 13 services. The working group counted tariffs for both options, having excluded from come "from above" payment for export of snow and wiping of registration plates. Least of all the tariff increases in new skyscrapers, and here in old the zhilkopakh payment for utilities will increase several times.

The director of the department of housing and communal services gave an example of increase in tariffs on several concrete houses. For example, the house on Lenin Avenue, 2, carry to the sixth class of qualification of houses, for today his inhabitants pay on 76 kopeks for the square meter, the new base price according to the minimum list of services to them offer - 2,7 hryvnias for square meter. Thus it is specifically emphasized that it is payment only for provided services or line repair. And if it is necessary to repair, for example, more, than ten percent of a roof of the house, are considered that it is already capital repairs.

Besides, all above-mentioned is only the draft decision, to discuss which the coordination council gathered. To change tariffs, it is necessary to make the decision on executive committee of city council. That this decision to submit for executive committee consideration, it is necessary to carry out public hearings. To carry out public hearings, it is necessary to think up an order of their carrying out. To think up an order of their carrying out, it is necessary to create special group which would develop it. And to create special group, it is necessary to collect coordination council. Here, in principle, all conclusions which were sounded at meeting.

One more interesting moment: by wordsVladimir Novozhilov, less than in three months prior to elections, it is impossible to carry out public hearings. As elections at us pass almost all the year round, estimated options of succession of events two: or tariffs to us won't raise, or will raise without public hearings. What option will be chosen by our officials?


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