"It is desirable that the Minister of Defence was able to assemble at least the machine gun", - Nikolay Tomenko

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The People's Deputy of Ukraine, the deputy Glavy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Nikolay Tomenko today, during the visit to Nikolaev, told about a situation with a post of the Minister of Defence and about a critical situation in the Ukrainian army.

- If there is a normal candidate, our fraction (BYuT - the bus comment) will support its nomination for a post of the Minister of Defence. But it is desirable that he at least died to collect - to disassemble the machine gun that enjoyed among military authority. But today isn't present wishing to execute orders against national interests. After all that that occurs today in army is a heap of intermediary structures which plunder army, buy allegedly the most expensive provisions, sell army territories. It is necessary to reform army, to do it professional, strong. And for this purpose both the President and the Prime minister supported army reform.

Besides, Nikolay Tomenko noted that when the President demands to bring an order to the Verkhovna Rada where the real circus, and as the poet told is created recently, "all almost from mind went mad, even who was mad", shortage of a strong hand of the military is sharply felt.

- How without Minister of Defence there it is possible to bring an order? And the President appoints nobody, - Nikolay Tomenko reported.


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