Nikolaev airport: the solution of session of regional council on corporatisation of the enterprise isn't executed yet

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Still on June 12, 2009 deputies of the Nikolaev regional council made the decision on KP corporatisation "The international airport "Nikolaev", but till today it isn't executed. Why, today, on October 16, on 32-й sessions of regional council understood deputies.

As the head of department concerning property of municipal property of the regional state administration Yulia Kravchenko explained the reason of non-performance of the solution of session of regional council, the solution of session isn't executed as it is interfered in every possible way by the head of KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" Andrey Keyan.

According to Yu.Kravchenko, he interfered with any work on corporatisation, since May, 2007. And now, as the deputy of a regional council spoke, the deputy governor Vitaly Travyanko, "in general lay down on hospital". Therefore the position of the regional state administration consists in the following: the regional council has to take out reprimand to the director of the airport A.Keyan that still there was no registration of public joint-stock company "The international airport "Nikolaev".

However deputies of regional council weren't going to blame A.Keyan - they insisted on division of responsibility for non-performance of the solution of session between the director of the airport and the regional state administration. Pier, the labor relations at A.Keyan with the regional state administration, so, the regional state administration has to apply measures to the director of the airport. Especially as the bases for this purpose everything are.

According to the deputy of regional council Svetlana Fedorova, as of July 1 of this year the accounts payable of the airport made 10 million 689 thousand UAH. It especially threateningly that as S. Fedorova told, the balance cost of the enterprise makes 11,5 million UAH

- The area can lose the airport just like that - for debts. Such rates half a year more - and to us won't need to be sold already nothing, neither to privatize, nor to incorporate. The enterprise won't be, - S. Fedorova who was supported also by other deputies noted.

Also according to Page.Fedorova, only for the first half of the year of this year the proceeds from sales of services by the airport made on 324 thousand UAH less, than cost of works (2 million 360 thousand UAH). The enterprise loss only for this period made 878 thousand UAH

- For such work not only reprimand it is necessary! But why the regional state administration within so many years from the date of signing of the contract with A.Keyan doesn't undertake any measures? The regional state administration the inaction already yielded a loss for the sum over 10,5 million UAH and by that got into a pocket to our voters. We demand from the regional state administration not to evade from the obligations for management of the municipal enterprise, - S. Fedorova spoke.

The head of department concerning property of municipal property of the regional state administration Yulia Kravchenko told to deputies that is valid, in balance the balance cost of the enterprise in 11,5 million UAH appears. But according to an independent market assessment, balance cost is more - it makes 55 million UAH, an authorized capital - 46 million UAH

Besides, there is a solution of session on non-use to the municipal enterprise of procedure of bankruptcy. But, as sounded in a deputy hall (in particular, from lips of the deputy Nikolay Dzardanov), the regional state administration promoted disorder of this enterprise.

Therefore the regional council decided to consider (as it is written down in the solution of session of October 6) that the regional state administration, KP management "The international airport "Nikolaev" didn't execute the solution of session regarding the state registration of PAO "The international airport "Nikolaev". Nikolaev YEAH, till November 1, 2009 session gave an assignment "to provide to the airport management taking measures to KP termination "The international airport "Nikolaev" and the state registration of PAO; to demand from YEAH accountability of the persons guilty of non-execution of the solution of a regional council".

In case of repeated non-performance of the decision of regional council on the state registration of PAO to consider at regular session of a regional council of a question of stay at a position of the director general of KP "The international airport "Nikolaev" of A.Keyan. Besides, the regional state administration term till November 5 is allowed to provide to a regional council the detailed report about financially - economic activity of the enterprise as of October 1, 2009 and the concrete plan of measures on implementation of the decision of regional council, and also to hear A.Keyan's report at the following session of regional council.

And here deputies of a regional council, even after the venomous remark of the deputy of a regional council, the deputy governor Vitaly Travyanko that now only it was necessary to give A.Keyana "the hero of the Nikolaev area" didn't begin to make the decision on the reprimand announcement to A.Keyan.

As counted the majority of deputies, this decision will violate the Provision on an order of appointment to the post and dismissal from a position of heads of the enterprises, establishments and the organizations which belong to regional municipal property. Pier, deputies can appoint and dismiss heads, and here to declare reprimand - in any way.


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