What political forces are trusted by nikolayevets?

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To what political parties you trust? The analytical group "SMS-monitoring" (Nikolaev) raised such question to 500 respondents aged from 18 till 70 years in the regional center.

38 percent of respondents reported that they don't trust any of political forces in Ukraine. 22 percent of respondents reported that trust Party of Regions. 20 percent - to Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. Pro-presidential "our Ukraine" trust only 6 percent of respondents, to litvinovets - 4 percent, to communists - 3,5 percent. Vitrenkovtsam trust 3 percent of respondents.

Answers about personal sympathies of participants of poll were curious. To Victor Yanukovych trust 30 percent of respondents, to Yulia Timoshenko - 29 percent, to Victor Yushchenko - 6 percent. Other politicians didn't gain even 5 percent.

Among heads of the regional organizations of political parties the regional Nikolay Kruglov - 24 percent of votes is in the lead. The populist Alexey Garkusha and byutovets Roman Zabzalyuk, according to poll, can count everyone on support of 15 percent of respondents. The indisputable leader among city politicians is Vladimir Chaika. To it we are ready to give votes if elections took place today, 35 percent of citizens. All other leaders of the city don't gain even 10 percent.

Survey was conducted from June 25 to July 1.


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