Moroz decided not to support at Tigipko's presidential election

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Negotiations on support by Sergey Tigipko's Socialist party as the candidate for president failed.

On Friday, October 16, the leader of SPU Alexander Moroz (on a photo) declared that considers option of independent participation in elections of the head of state.

"Negotiation process with Sergey Tigipko finally isn't stopped, however the asset of the party inclines to that SPU independently participated in election campaign, - quoted Moroz a press - service SPU. - Motives are clear: the party shouldn't appear necessarily in political camp of our opponent".

In Tigipko's staff on Moroz's statement didn't begin to make comments. Meanwhile, writes the edition, the sources close to negotiations of the businessman with the leader of SPU, reported the reasons of a rupture of their relations. "Tigipko after carried out monitoring of the regional organizations of Socialist party, decided to involve on elections only ten more or less 'live', and Moroz wanted that Tigipko took all organizations in the lump, - the interlocutor told. - As a result those organizations which didn't get to the list of the businessman, made to Moroz scandal".

According to other interlocutor of the edition, in the circumstances Moroz didn't accept a quota of SPU which Tigipko promised to it on future elections in the Verkhovna Rada. "Tigipko offered us eight places through passage in the list, and that on condition that we will pay a half of these places", - the interlocutor told.

Refused to confirm words of sources in SPU. "I won't make comments on the content of negotiations with Tigipko, - the adviser to the leader of Socialist party Yaroslav Mendus declared. - I already told the position: SPU has to propose the candidate for president, and Alexander Moroz" has to be him.

We will remind that else in September the candidate of the businessman Tigipko didn't cause any objections in socialists. Its support at presidential election was supported by 14 of 25 heads of regional Communist Party organizations and the leader of SPU. "Members of Socialist party chose it from those applicants for presidential post who are today, (Sergey Tigipko - ред) the candidate, - Moroz declared following the results of the XV congress of Socialist party. - This is that candidate who can unite voters".


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