Lavrinovich's "Mercedes" violated rules and smashed the taxi car at a speed of 30 km/h

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"The newspaper on - Kiev" found for the girl who was injured in road accident with participation of the car vice-the speaker Lavrinovich.

From - for accidents 23 - summer Olga Yakovenko could lose sight, and the second person in parliament doesn't guess it at all. We will remind, accident with the black six-hundredth "Mercedes" decorated with numbers of BP, happened on the night of Saturday. On Dovzhenko Street (area of Shulyavskaya metro station) the VIP-car faced "Skoda Felicia", going behind in the same direction - towards Petrovka. "Mercedes" appeared the car of the first vice-the speaker Alexander Larinovich. And on habitual practice in official documents concealed the fact that the stately regional was "onboard". In spite of the fact that the vice-the speaker confirmed, what was the participant of incident.

- In road accident I suffered not, and the car, - Lavrinovich told. - That day I came back after evening political current - show home. Suddenly in lateral part of the car, something бабахнуло. I can't tell who is right who is guilty - I am not obliged to execute function of the car inspector. I asked the driver - whether there are victims. He answered that isn't present.

To leave the car and to check, whether the truth is told by his driver, vice-the speaker Lavrinovich probably didn't find time. And would cost - after all victims in road accident were. Hospitalization was necessary for the passenger of "Skoda". Now Olga can't go, read, watch TV, to listen to radio and long to talk. At the victim hypostasis of a brain and laceration of an eyelid.

- I went to a taxi, suddenly directly on us any car took off, - Olga tells. - - more I remember nothing blow, I regained consciousness already in hospital. At first me carried to ophthalmology: to sew up an eyelid and to take out glass splinters from the right eye. While an affected eye I see vaguely that will be farther - I don't know. 17-го numbers transferred to neurosurgery. I have concussion, small hypostasis and, probably, something with cervical vertebras. I sit on tablets and anesthetizing pricks.

As it was succeeded to learn from sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 45 - the summer driver vice-the speaker in the explanation of road accident described peculiar:

- I went down the street Dovzhenko in the direction of Teligi Street with a speed of 30 km/h (!) in an extreme left row. In my car, except me, was nobody.On the right at great speed I passed the light car, it cut me to avoid collision, I turned out to the left a little, ran into a dividing strip. At this moment at a forward left door I was hit white "by Skoda Felicia".

And here the driver of "Skoda" - 35 - summer Andrey (a driver's experience of 14 years) - for the protocol told absolutely other version.

- I moved with a speed of 68 km/h towards Petrovka. Ahead in fifty meters other car went. This forward car suddenly started braking and sharply left to the right. At this moment ahead I arose 600-й "Mercedes" which was deployed from an average row through the double axial. I sharply braked, but the car incurred, and it wasn't succeeded to avoid collision with "Mercedes".

In GAI say that rules everything - broke "Mercedes".

- According to our data "Mercedes" which has had an accident, belongs to a motor transport service of the Verkhovna Rada. We have no information that it is assigned specifically to Lavrinovich. According to preliminary data, the driver of "Mercedes" during maneuvering didn't provide advantage in movement to "Skoda". Materials transferred to militia, - Nina Hmelevskaya, a press - the secretary of GAI Department of Ukraine told.


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