Revolution in WELL - NANOSECOND: bluff or reality?

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In fraction of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block the centrifugal phenomena are again shown. As always, informally. On Friday all political elite, with bated breath, expected that in this parliamentary force there will be a change of the leader. To what can lead removal of the present chairman of fraction Nikolay Martynenko and return to Vyacheslav Kirilenko's position, I found out the Internet - the SEYChAS newspaper.

On Thursday, October 22 in the Ukrainian mass media there was information that in WELL fraction - the NANOSECOND resumed petition for resignation of its chairman Nikolay Martynenko. Among the reasons of possible rotation that the management of fraction expresses a position which doesn't correspond to moods of the majority was called. This information in evening air on "the 5th channel" was confirmed by Roman Zvarich. From his words, process goes not from within fractions, and with Bank where, actually, and signatures gather. "Directs attempts (changes of the management of fraction. - "NOW") Secretariat of the president. It occurs already long time, is very loudly audible hearings that any signatures but why - that nobody told about it on air" are collected, - the parliamentarian noted.

Who to whom distributes dresses?

As if having heard Zvarich, the floor was taken by the head of the Secretariat of the president Vera Ulyanchenko. In the comment she declared to the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper that on Bank it is known of intention of members WELL - NANOSECOND to displace the leader. "Today work on this direction was really sped up, and it is quite probable that the decision on Vyacheslav Kirilenko's election (the leader of fraction. - "NOW") it will be accepted", - I predicted Ulyanchenko.

Despite forecasts of certain politicians, in the morning on Friday of any events on Martynenko's removal didn't follow. Deputies unless exchanged opinions regarding possibility of similar rotation. Kirilenko assured that in WELL - the NANOSECOND already collected enough of voices for management change. From his words, the matter is discussed some months, and the most part in fraction wishes that WELL - the NANOSECOND returned to an independent position with which would reckon both the coalition, and opposition. However to specify quantity "groups discordant" ex-the head of fraction refused.

However, Kirilenko kept separate from that it he personally "schemes" against Martynenko."This initiative proceeded not from me", - he assured, having specified, as without change of the leader group "For Ukraine! " has opportunity to express the opinion and in many cases rather effectively to defend interests of citizens. Has no relation to petition and Bank, I continued Kirilenko. "The secretariat of the president let will deal with the affairs, at itself will bring an elementary order, instead of pretends that it distributes dresses to deputy fractions", - the deputy terribly declared.

His colleague Andriy Parubiy appeared more optimistical in forecasts on change of the management of fraction. From his words, the matter can be considered soon. "I think that till next plenary week this issue will be resolved", - he assumed. Supporters of idea of removal of Martynenko becomes more and more, but, in case of personnel changes in fraction, the question of coalition creation with Party of Regions won't be brought up, Parubiy concluded.

His colleague, the deputy head of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND, the member of National Self-defense group Taras Stetskiv holds other opinion. For today there is no enough of voices seriously to talk about change of the leader, the parliamentarian assured. It didn't exclude that any business - groups or Bank want to use Kirilenko's desire to return to a position of the chairman of fraction.

Стецькив noted that information on Martynenko's replacement on Kirilenko was discussed at fraction meeting on Friday, however "nobody apprehended it seriously". "What here to make comments? I think, leaves nothing. Everything can be, but, most likely, this adventure will come to the end with fiasco", - closed a subject of Stetskiv.

And other member WELL - NANOSECOND, the party leader "Uniform Center" Igor Kril fell upon the head of the joint venture with criticism. In his opinion, Ulyanchenko's statement for possible change of the management WELL - NANOSECONDS are beyond its powers of office and are incompetent. "Madam Ulyanchenko, obviously, confused the work on Bank with the party functions. The head of the Secretariat of the president, by definition, has no relation to activity of fractions of the Verkhovna Rada. Therefore as a source of information on intra fractional processes it doesn't maintain any criticism. It not its arrival", - was angry the Krill, having caught Vera Ivanovna of "the barefaced pressure upon People's Deputies".

In BYuT sounded the alarm

Having learned about processes in partner fraction, in BYuT hastened to accuse WELL - NANOSECOND of intentions to disorganize the coalition."Such threat is because if any party wants to get from opposition to the power, she will always think how to disorganize the coalition", - hinted at part arrangement WELL - NANOSECOND with "regionals" Sergey Mishchenko. However, it reminded that at any deal of early elections of Rada won't be as the president lost opportunity to dismiss parliament.

"Martynenko's replacement on Kirilenko is not a main goal. Main goal - the announcement of an exit from the coalition", - Andrey Kozhemyakin continued thought of the colleague. Hearings about change of the leader WELL - NANOSECOND he called a little exaggerated. "Here look, Friday, the last day parliament works, and at night at us will go interesting programs not absolutely Ukrainian orientation therefore it everything and appeared. After all it is necessary to discuss something", - byutovets explained.

That Kirilenko's possible return will mean a fraction exit from the coalition, "byutovets" doesn't doubt almost. According to him, possible personnel rotation in WELL - the NANOSECOND is a result of political arrangements between the Secretariat of the president and Party of Regions.

Kozhemyakin advised members WELL - NANOSECOND to conduct open policy and if in fraction there is a desire to leave coalition structure, to declare it. "Let they do it, instead of go and bargain", - byutovets recommended. According to him, the announcement of an exit from the coalition of legal consequences won't have, only political - there will be bases for conversations on lack of the coalition in parliament. In case of coalition disorder in Rada there will be a situational majority which also will be able to make decisions.

"A gift for Tymoshenko"

The Party of Regions has no relation to processes which happen in WELL - NANOSECOND and are connected with change of its management, the first deputy head of PR fraction Alexander Efremov forcedly justified. He noted that personnel questions of each fraction it is exclusive its internal affair.

"Regional" believes that the exit WELL - NANOSECOND from the coalition can be most favorable to BYuT. "If to assume that this decision (about management change WELL - to NANOSECOND) will follow an exit from the coalition, then we will be compelled to think, what to do farther because there will be a situation when the prime minister - the minister becomes acting as. I think that she (Tymoshenko) waits for this decision to dump all the mismanagement and irresponsibility on one slogan that "to me my brilliant ideas" didn't allow to carry out.It, probably, the most suitable that it is possible to make today as a gift Tymoshenko", - Efremov shared the forecast, having noted, what not in вовсторге from this idea.

Thus "regional" didn't exclude that PR can create together with WELL - NANOSECOND "the temporary new coalition", but not real - owing to ideological divergences. "The coalition purely the majority is possible, for example, if the impasse is created, and it will be necessary to organize work of the provisional technical government, but it won't be the coalition which will be calculated on prospect", - Efremov concluded.

Fiendish difficulty

In the afternoon on Friday, appear, on a subject about change of the leader WELL - An end was put to NANOSECOND. Any decisions on change of the head of fraction during its meeting it was accepted not, I reported vice-the speaker Nikolay Tomenko, having referred to the relevant protocol. "I as vice-the speaker who received the document from NUNS fraction, want to read endurance where it is recorded: during fraction activity the question of mistrust to the head of fraction Nikolay Martynenko and election of other People's Deputy never at meeting of fraction was discussed".

However, by the evening the situation got absolutely other turn. In the office of parliament registered 38 signatures for Martynenko's resignation from a position of the chairman of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND, the People's Deputy Oleg Gumenyuk reported. With his words, it is quite enough of it for adoption of the positive decision on removal of the leader. When the material was imposed, it became known that for making decision on management change WELL - NANOSECONDS offer deputies "material incentives", reaching several million dollars.

Than the personnel epic in WELL fraction - will come to the end with NANOSECOND, it becomes clear from next week. While her leader formally there is Nikolay Martynenko.


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