Grigorishin complained of Tymoshenko, still not given pledge for OPZ

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The businessman Konstantin Grigorishin claims that the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko promised to return pledge for participation in OPZ privatization in three days, but it isn't made.

He declared it in interview to the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper.

"On the eve of privatization (The Odessa port plant) at us the meeting with the prime minister - the minister took place", - the president of Power Standard group told.

"Serious foreign investors were my potential partners. Yulia Timoshenko declared that received guarantees from the leader of Libya of Muammar Gaddafi that for OPZ will be paid $1,5 billion. I answered: "Gaddafi promised, let him and pay"", - Grigorishin told.

"The prime minister asked: "And you though will take one step above the starting price? " I told: "We will take one step, and you will return pledge? she says: We "will return", - he remembered.

According to Grigorishin, after a meeting his partners "noted that the prime minister was unconvincing therefore we went for competition one".

"Thus Yulia Timoshenko promised to return pledge within three days if we don't win competition, as was included in JSC Frunze-Flora contract (participated in competition from "The power standard") with FGI", - the businessman told.

"Passed four weeks, and pledge didn't return. I don't think that it is a good signal of the government the international investor", - Grigorishin noted.

On a question, why OPZ if it has no natural gas was necessary to it, the businessman noted that "anybody had no natural gas from participants of competition" and we have a monopoly in the gas market: "All deliveries are carried out by NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy.

Thus Grigorishin emphasized that the bill "About the Principles of Functioning of the Market of Natural Gas" approved by Cabinet of Ministers which cancels this monopoly, isn't adopted yet by parliament and not signed by the president.

"While it didn't accept, all recognize that the gas on this plant can't deliver. Nobody trusts promises", - he told.

Grigorishin explained that his OPZ interested as the serious infrastructure project:the plant has own port and only in the Black Sea pool point of transfer of ammonia, and after reconstruction it would be possible "to master and откатать" the gas-economical technologies involved on it at our engineering plants "and later to enter the international market of construction of plants on production of nitric fertilizers which is estimated at $5-7 billion a year".

"Therefore we decided to go for competition, but had restrictions at the price. As much as possible could pay for it $500-600 million", - Grigorishin told.


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