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Ministry of Health of Ukraine declares that in October in the western areas of Ukraine, according to preliminary data, 20 people died of pneumonia. Ministry of Health calls all citizens in case of symptoms of flu or other sharp respiratory viral diseases immediately to address to doctors.

It today, on October 28, in time the press - to conference was declared by the First Deputy Minister of Health Vasily Lazorishinets.

According to its data, from October 13 in Ternopol 95 people were hospitalized, from them 25 in a serious condition (7 children and 18 adults), 10 people died. Besides, in Lviv from October 1 on hospitalization there were six people, four died. In Ivano - Frankovsk since October 13 six people died, 25 people, from them seven in a serious condition are hospitalized.

Lazorishinets reminded that in 2008 6 thousand 465 people died of pneumonia in Ukraine, and more than 238 thousand


"Current situation is connected with the diagnosis pneumonia", - the chief state health officer of Ukraine Alexander Bilovol told, in turn.

Thus he also emphasized that all hospitalized carried out tests for virus A/H1N1 existence which yielded negative result.

Answering a question of, whether it is possible to exclude that the virus A/H1N1 which is present on a press became a cause of death of people in the western areas - the chief health officer of Ukraine Alexander Bilovol told conferences: "In this life nothing can be rejected".

He emphasized that as a whole for today in the state the situation with flu controlled, is noted growth of a threshold of incidence only in the western regions of the country for the last one and a half weeks".

On Bilovol's words, the commission is sent to these regions for clarification of circumstances of causes of death of these people. Also he emphasized that in cases with a lethal outcome patients addressed to the doctor not in the first days of a disease, and later (about one week).

In this context the chief health officer called all Ukrainians in case of symptomatology of flu or other sharp respiratory viral diseases immediately to address to the doctor not to allow flu distribution across Ukraine.

As it was reported, today, on October 28, the Minister of Health of Ukraine Vasily Knyazevich confirmed nine lethal outcomes in the Ternopol area from pneumonia.

Besides, today the head of department of health care of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Drogobycha Andrey Shevkenich declared that for the last week from - for complications of flu four persons died.

This morning in Ivano's perinatal center - Frankovsk from - for a pulmonary disease the pregnant woman died.


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