Yu. Tymoshenko: The local government has to provide sale or free distribution of medical masks

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko noted need of use of medical masks all citizens of Ukraine without exception, especially in rooms and in public transport. She declared it during selector meeting with heads YEAH. Also it charged to heads YEAH, to the heads of RGA and parliament of the Crimea within several days to study possibility of production of gauze masks on places.

According to the prime minister - the minister, the local government has to provide sale or free distribution of medical masks. It also charged to heads of local government to provide a constant and detailed explanation of symptoms of flu of A (H1N1) in local mass media, and also to ensure round-the-clock functioning of "hot" telephone lines.

Besides, Yu. Tymoshenko gave an assignment to local authorities to prepare additional beds for patients in hospitals and sanatoria. Also Yu. Tymoshenko gave an assignment to local authorities to learn possibility of purchase of medical equipment on places. "If there is an opportunity urgently to get everything that is necessary for hospitals on places, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance and Oleksandr Turchynov as the head of all work which is connected with anti-epidemiological actions, I oblige to collect such demands... On the basis of these demands today to direct the first financial resources which are necessary in order that each area had an opportunity to be prepared quickly enough", - marked out Yu. Tymoshenko.
It also charged to Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Fuel and Energy, to Ministry of Transport and heads YEAH urgently to hold meeting of the epidemiological commission. And also to provide a special antiepidemiological mode in places in large quantities congestions of people.

Also Yu. Tymoshenko gave an order of Ministry of Economics and Goskomtsen to create special group for establishment, fixing of wholesale prices for medicines and medical equipment."It is extremely important that the Ministry of Economics gave orientation, both for purchase on import, and for purchases on our internal, domestic, the market", - marked out Yu. Tymoshenko.

During selector meeting it was noted that the Cabinet of Ukraine even at the beginning of manifestation of a flu epidemic And (H1N1) bought 130 thousand packings of medicines which are necessary for treatment of this flu.

The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko noted that the corresponding medicines were bought at the expense of funds which were allocated from Stabilization Fund of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Besides, according to the prime minister - the minister, the government from 37 laboratories bought 22 special sets for diagnostics of a necessary virus, including and for diagnostics at molecular level.

Also, the prime minister - the minister reported that about New year to Ukraine the most modern laboratory of a virus of flu A (H1N1) which is similar laboratory in London will arrive. Also for means of Stabilization Fund were bought the express - tests for hospitals, prevention and protection systems, including a glove and medical masks.

Yu. Tymoshenko also noted that the government signed the relevant contracts, for purchase of medical ventilation apparatuses. "We had to receive these devices at the beginning of last month. But the veto which was imposed by the President on these government resolutions, slowed down supply of devices of an artificial defibrillation, and we will be able to receive in large volume these preparations only within a week. Both in Ukraine, and outside Ukraine", - I marked out Yu. Tymoshenko.

Also, the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko charged to the Public tax administration, the State inspectorate for control of the prices and the State inspectorate for control of quality of medicines of Ministry of Health since November 2 to carry out inspections of drugstores regarding existence of drugs for flu and ORVI and the prices of them.

"Drugstores in two directions will be controlled: the first is an existence of the minimum package of medicines and medical means which are approved by Ministry of Health, and the second - all these three bodies will check wholesale contracts on sale of drugs during this period when there was no increased demand for drugs", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

The prime minister - the minister noted that the government won't allow in connection with increase of demand for preventive medicines unreasonably to raise the prices of them.

"We won't allow marauding on these unpleasant epidemic circumstances which have developed today in the country", - she emphasized.

The head of the government declared that all drugstores which unreasonably raise prices of medicines, will be deprived of licenses without the right of their return.


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