The inhabitant of Kiev who has died of "swine flu", weighed 213 kilograms

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As it was already reported, "swine flu" came to Kiev. Yesterday горздрав declared two death.

"In hospital No. 4 I died 35 - the summer woman. She fell ill on October 29, but refused hospitalization flatly. On the night of the environment it took to hospital with a temperature and strong cough, but it wasn't succeeded to rescue any more. It had a difficult cardiac and pulmonary pathology, besides the fourth degree of obesity. Weight - 213 kg! Most likely, it was "swine flu", - the deputy chief of a central board of health care Vladimir Zagorodny told. Also, according to him, in Kiev died 17 - the summer guy, however, of usual flu. Yesterday the mayor appealed to the prime minister to declare quarantine in Kiev, but in горздраве assure that such need isn't present. "It is declared since Monday for schools, gardens and higher education institutions. It will suffice", - Zagorodny considers.

But some officials decided to leave on quarantine. For example, pension funds didn't work on Monday. "We were at work, but reception didn't conduct. People to us beat glasses and attacked employees. Now we ask to send us documents a registered mail", - told in the Darnitsky pension fund. In a pharmaceutical booth of KGGA of a mask sorted two days ago. "They were where - that around two hryvnias", - tells a source in the city hall. But on the first floor there is a box with garlic which everyone can take. And here with the promised medicinal sets for citizens (two masks, vitamins, oksolinovy ointment there had to enter, амизон) there was a hitch. Them yesterday started giving out only on Oboloni though promised still the day before yesterday. "Will be the other day", - speak in social securities. Preparations and bandages will carry on houses to needy pensioners (the income less than 700 UAH a month), to needy families and lonely mothers.

The head of the Kiev labor union of physicians Larisa Kanarovskaya is sure that if in Kiev the real epidemic of "swine flu" will begin, medicine will simply paralyze: "For reception of a large number of patients the boxed offices will be necessary, but they are only in two hospitals - No. 7 and No. 9. It is obvious that they won't consult". To paralyze "fast", the panic sufficed. Crew in Kiev wait for 2-2,5 hours. And according to doctors, with themselves they have even no elementary febrifugal.

"And why to doctors "fast" drugs? Their duty - within 15-20 minutes to take the patient to hospital! And if the patient accepts any preparations, it will grease a picture", - Zagorodny speaks. He also considers that it is quite enough koyechny fund.


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