In the Sea of Azov the mass death of fish

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On June 30 in Berdyansk the region of the Zaporozhye area there was a pestilence of fish. As writes the edition Kommersant - Ukraine

in a material under the name to the Bull-calf blocked oxygen, it already the second case of mass death of a sea bull-calf for the last some days.

As writes Kommersant - Ukraine with reference to a sanepidemstantion of the Zaporozhye area, in the Sea of Azov more than 15 t of a sea bull-calf were lost. As it is reported, generally fish is thrown out on the coast at Novopetrovk's village. Locals told that emission of a bull-calf happened on June 28.

"The good constitution day turned out - got up in the morning, and the coast is covered by fish. The same was last year. It is good that municipal services quickly arrived, started it collecting. But the smell all the same is - fish throws out constantly though already and in smaller quantity", Novopetrovki's inhabitants reported.

According to the chief health officer of the Zaporozhye area Anatoly Sevalnev, the situation with a pestilence of fish in Berdyansk the area has seasonal nature.

"Usually it is the end of July - the beginning of August when load of reservoirs becomes critical, and processes of self-cleaning go not so intensively. Berdyansk suffered to a lesser extent - as well as last year, the bull-calf ran aground generally near Novopetrovk's village. Municipal services cleaned 13 t of fish. Now there was an insignificant pestilence of fish on the Average and Distant spit in Berdyansk, however its scales are insignificant - two - four individuals on square meter of the water area", Sevalnev declared.

In the city hall of Berdyansk information on death of fish in the water area of the Big and Average braid don't confirm. According to the acting deputy mayor of Berdyansk Sergey Tkachenko, the city power beforehand took care of preventing mass death of fish.

"We began catching of fish two weeks ago - when the pestilence just began. 800 t - generally the trifle not suitable for industrial processing are caught already. We bury it in the skotomogilnikakh - the main thing that in the sea I didn't perish", I told to Tkachenko.

In Azovo - the Black Sea state ecological inspection claim that reduction of the content of oxygen in sea water from - for a strong heat and windless weather became a cause of death of a bull-calf.

Kommersant - Ukraine reminds that last time a pestilence of fish in Berdyansk райо


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