Cannibals in a trade-union aquarium

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Professional bosses come to trade-union movement only to pull out the piece of property meat and to carry away in teeth.

You sometime observed how aquarian piranhas eat? Entertaining show. The first devours pieces of the thrown forcemeat, the second - the first, and the third - the second, etc. After feeding that doesn't have tail, at another - an eye... Anything to itself ate! But here that consoles - rates of regeneration at these fishes are that that for few weeks all wounds are tightened, as well as didn't happen. As if one-eyed fish all life also was one-eyed.

On spirit and on style of the activity deputies from Party of Regions remind such here piranhas. To them in own aquarium it is rather small, besides constantly it seems that the food won't suffice therefore don't disdain also a small cannibalism. To take at least passions round Federation of labor unions of Ukraine.
Exactly a year ago hardly regionals got this structure. To put the Party member Vasily Har in a chair of its chairman, the Charter was violated, imitation of raider capture of FPU in regions is carried out. Eventually, the members of the Federation Council intimidated by external threat agreed unofficially, without congress, to elect this deputy - the regional the leader.

It would seem, sit - steal, fill party treasury, but the main trade union member as that piranha, I forgot about party solidarity - was fond of call of own appetite. Say that from FPU account in the unknown direction 5 million UAH which have remained from sale of trade-union "Truskavetskurort" disappeared. The political guide of mister Har, of course, was disturbed - but not the fact of disappearance of the sum, and that party "common fund" from it had no anything.

Here also problems at the chairman of FPU began - that "Leader" will haul up on the carpet, colleagues on party want to knock over. And about trust of ordinary trade union members and there is nothing to speak: for them Har - as a hybrid of the Stranger with the Predator (you remember this Hollywood monster? ).

But after all in Party of Regions, as they say, casual people aren't present - all with canines. Here colleagues from deputy fraction under laws of a native aquarium also undertook to displace the trade-union leader. To the place of Har three his members of the same party already mark at FPU at once - Mikhail Papiyev, Valery Harlim and Vasily Dzharty, in eager rivalry offering itself to "Leader".Probably, its starting signal is already received to what the remarkable fact testifies: regionals distribute to chairmen of the Central Committee of branch labor unions apartments as advance payment for re-election of the chairman of Federation. Such offer was received, in particular, by Vladimir Chepur (labor union of employees of agrarian and industrial complex), Lyudmila Perelygina (labor union of cultural workers), Vadim Sibilev (labor union of employees of forest branches), Yury Kulik (the vice-chairman of FPU).

Hokhma in that the promised apartments are in the unfinished house which was modeled by the Stolitsa construction company belonging to Vladimir Kosterin. Besides, for today this housing is already put and repawned in different financial frauds. That is, misters regionals pay for services by illiquid asset. Such here multiple-pass bunko. Who and to whom after that will have to, it seems understand. But the plan while remains in force - to put the way of Har, having made his deputy Yury Kulik of the acting chairman, and then under his technical management to carry out congress at which it will be chosen … That piranha who will be toothiest will be elected!

"Dear colleague, I here at you a little bit will bite off a tail - хрясь! " - also there is no tail. Approximately and the healthy competition of members of PR for a post of the chairman of Federation of labor unions will look. Surprising at it is white - blue digestion. Byutovtsa at least don't guzzle each other. However, matter of taste.
The main thing - that for the ordinary trade union member change of one cannibal - the chairman on another won't solve any problems. After all all these professional bosses come to trade-union movement only to pull out the piece of property meat and to carry away in teeth.


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