The Nikolaev chief of a filiya Goskomzema "flied" from a chair not the last – Tymoshenko dismissed already 200 employees of land managements

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State acts on the earth continue to be made out not so quickly as it would be desirable at the highest levels.

For slow implementation of the state program for issue of free state acts on the earth of staff of land managements of the country dismiss in tens, report "Economic news".

The prime minister Yulia Timoshenko declared yesterday that about 200 employees of land managements of different levels are already dismissed. Thus the head Goskomzema Oleg Kulinich noted that the chair was lost by eight heads of regional managements. "There were such settlements and villages where at people even statements (about delivery on the simplified procedure) didn't accept", - mister Kulinich added.

In Goskomzem received not for the first time a blow. As reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", On October 14 for unsatisfactory work dismissed chiefs Nikolaev regional and Sevastopol city branches of the Center of the state land registry, and also chiefs of managements of Goskomzem in Novokakhovskom, Novotroitsk, Velikoaleksandrovsky, Tsyurupinsky and Novovorontsovsky regions of the Kherson area. A number of officials was received by strict reprimands. Thus the head Goskomzema gave to other heads the order - within 10 days to improve process of implementation of the program.

Statistics improved: if as of October 10, 2009 registered 164 thousand statements, and issued only 841 state acts, in 10 days the amount of the given-out papers grew many times. So, in Goskomzem claimed that received from citizens 720 thousand applications for obtaining the act on the land plot, thus already gave out on this procedure 198 thousand similar acts. Now the amount of the given-out papers again decreased.

"We issued to citizens 200703 acts. We accepted 1 million.statements, and it, certainly, that quantity which until the end of November has to be processed", - was noted yesterday by Oleg Kulinich. Thus, how for the remained two weeks of November will accelerate registration of nearly 800 thousand land papers, the head of department didn't explain.

Statistically from Goskomzem, in the Cherkassk area gave out 42,6% of land acts of number of the submitted applications, in Zaporozhye - 30%, Chernovitsky - 23,5%, Odessa - 20%, Lugansk - 19%. In outsiders: The Ternopol area - 2%, Kharkov - 4%, Zakarpatye - 4,7%, Hmelnitskaya - 6,9% of number of the submitted applications.

"i \ wrote that experts see many signs of braking of the state program: from failure to provide all documents to banal shortage of forms. Thus issue of the state act is not only signing and registration of one paper, precedes it a collecting documents, carrying out land use planning works and registration of their results, and also performance of certain administrative procedures. Thus employees of zemupravleniye said more than once that the most part of documents not always corresponds to real-life sites. On recheck of borders of such earth more time will be necessary, than was planned until the end of the year.

However these problems, seemingly, don't excite officials at the highest levels. They need to increase statistics considerably until the end of the year. So, according to Yulia Timoshenko, work of heads of local managements of Goskomzem will be analyzed on two indicators: quantity adopted statements as a percentage to that number of acts which have to be given out in this territory, and percent of the issued acts in relation to the submitted applications. "Depending on it we will be with you and to correct personnel policy, and to take organizational measures", - the prime minister summarized.


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