The majority of candidates for president are dollar millionaires

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In ten the most rating candidates for president six - dollar millionaires. The Correspondent came to such conclusion, having estimated the market cost of only official assets of politicians.

At the end of October in the Central Electoral Commission information on the official income of presidential candidates began to be flown down. The declarations completed by hand with known Ukrainian politicians, decided to contend for a rank of the head of state, caused many questions - the income at the majority of them was more than modest, writes in fresh release the edition.

That though approximately to estimate real welfare of candidates, the Correspondent decided to estimate the declared property of ten the most rating applicants at market cost. The result was interesting: it appeared that only and cars of these people pulled real estate for the sum more than in $30 million. And it besides that politicians declared not all property which they use, so probably and own.

Official declarations on the income show candidates surprising people to whom that is available to ordinary citizens not in power. For example, judging by Inna Bogoslovskaya's declaration, all her state is Mercedes-Benz CLS 350. Such car costs about $100 000 that equals to a revenue of the candidate. Thus Theological at all has no housing, and on its bank account only $30 were lonely warmed.

And the President Victor Yushchenko appeared almost the richest candidate, having yielded the palm only to the banker Sergey Tigipko. The property of the head of state tightened on $7-8 million. And all thanks to 13 hectares of a site in New Bezradichakh and to several Kiev apartments with a total area more than 600 sq.m. Yushchenko's cumulative family income - about $200 000. That is for purchase of all the present property it would need about 40 years.

Traditionally as the Cinderella the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko acted. It has neither apartment, nor the car. Only the husband has an apartment in 52 squares in Dnepropetrovsk, and 255 more sq.m of other rooms.Concha - to Zaspa with an estimated cost of $3,5-4,0 million doesn't prevent the prime minister to live all this in a two-storeyed cottage in elite and regularly to update the clothes consisting of things of expensive western brand.

Similar picture and at the majority of other participants of a financial rating of candidates. As a rule, applicants a long time worked as state officials, received only modest salary, but thus all the same managed to sew solid property. As a result to consolidate the debit and the credit in their official declarations not in power even to the skilled accountant.

In the research Correspondent I estimated personal and real estate of ten most rating candidates for president. Calculations were carried out on the basis of their declarations for 2008, given at registration to the Central Electoral Commission. The Ukrainian politicians often write down the property on relatives therefore the Correspondent estimated both their real estate, and vehicles. Besides summarized a condition of bank accounts of family members.


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