Yanukovych croaked to gorlovsky miners that after elections everything will give

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Victor Yanukovych promised that, having come to the power, his political force will execute the decision of the Verkhovna Rada on increase in social standards since November 1, 2009 and will count salaries and pensions, to raise which Yulia Timoshenko's government refused.

He declared it, addressing miners of mine of a name of Lenin of GP "Artemugol" in Gorlovka today.

The leader of opposition and the candidate for president reminded that the Party of Regions achieved acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on increase of social standards, found financing sources for increase of salaries and pensions. However, mister Yanukovych told, the Cabinet refuses to carry out this law therefore the Party of Regions will try to dismiss him.

"The government refuses to carry out this law. Options of others aren't present - we raised today a question of resignation of this government. Whether it will be possible to resolve this issue, I don't know. We will do everything that this government was now discharged of the power because this government is engaged in nothing except corruption and elections", - V. Yanukovych declared.

As for increase since November 1 of a living wage as it is provided by the law, Victor Yanukovych promised that after his victory at presidential election he compensates to workers and pensioners everything that the present power refused to pay to them.

"There is also the second option: after elections to repay debts to these people. I can tell unambiguously here for the first time in Gorlovka, before your collective that if we won't manage to lift pensions and salaries since November 1, as soon as we will come to the power, we will count these pensions and salaries and we will repay these debts", - the candidate for president promised.

Mister Yanukovych apologized before miners for a hoarse voice. "On elections I strained a voice. Yesterday I passed 4 cities in the Zaporozhye area, 4 meetings, it is a lot of people …" - he explained.


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