How Yu. Tymoshenko's visit to Nikolaev will be shined?

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Tomorrow, as it was known several days ago, to Nikolaev there comes the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko. Event - not ordinary for the regional center. Many nikolayevets, for certain, details of stay in our city of the second person of the state will interest. For this purpose there are journalists - that honestly, in details, with all nuances to shine similar events, - and the will do journalists it more, the more widely and tselny there will be a visit picture. And in order that journalists could work with the maximum return during such visits, - there is a press - regional administration service. Its task consists in giving the maximum opportunity to all Nikolaev mass media to execute the professional duty on such actions.

So it also was in recent years - when there came to Nikolaev Victor Yushchenko, Victor Yanukovych, other officials from Kiev. Employees a press - services YEAH rang newspapers, on TV channels, reported about the forthcoming visit and asked to call a surname of the journalist who will be accredited from this or that edition for publicizing of visit.

What does a press - service Nikolaev YEAH now? First of all, it is necessary to tell that now the press - service directs Yury TIKHY. And how he directs? Probably, as is able, and this ability just very much imposes his chief - to Alexey Garkushe. Silent - on the quiet makes the list "betrayed and checked" journalists and submits the list that is called upward. And if the journalist of any edition calls itself and asks it to accredit, there is one standard answer: the list is already approved - late, a pier. However, to representatives of the central TV channels and newspapers who have the correspondent's offices in Nikolaev, Silent doesn't refuse - is afraid: those after all can пропесочить to all Ukraine, then the chief won't pat on the back.And here local mass media independent of the official power Silent it is simple похерил.

All this isn't unfounded. The Internet - the News of N edition and the Nash Gorod newspaper wanted, naturally, to see and hear Yulia Timoshenko eyes and ears of the correspondents, instead of sense organs the press - service YEAH which sees and hears everything on - to the. But not here - that was. Without having waited for the invitation to accreditation, correspondents of the called editions called g. Silent is was the day before yesterday, on June 2 (we will remind - Tymoshenko comes on June 4). Silent I answered that the list is already made and, unfortunately, it will turn out nothing. I started "duping" naturally - say further, all the same in a hall of journalists won't let, and monitors to other room will be removed... It is visible, Silent saw enough the TV (for example, in the State Duma of Russia there is a room for journalists where big monitors hang, and they see that occurs behind a wall in a hall of plenary sessions). What hall of regional administration? What monitors? If all journalists know: there will be two so-called pools - two groups of journalists which in buses will go together with the prime minister on different objects in Nikolaev and area. There, on these objects also there will be a work of journalists, instead of in any hall, not in front of any monitors.

On a question of the correspondent "News of N", how many representatives of mass media are accredited, Silent answered: "I don't know... Lists are already given... " And which mass media received such happiness? Silent too doesn't know... Eventually it took pity and suggested to call back tomorrow (that is today), he will try to make something for us. Today our correspondents called and received the answer: "Late! "

Here so the press - service present YEAH works. So works. Silent. Why it so works - on the quiet? Because surname such? No, there is an eloquent example absolutely other work - Sergey Tikhy, the chief - the Newspapers on — Kiev editor, created it and made one of the best newspapers in Ukraine. Means, it isn't a surname. And in the one who that costs in journalism. Our Silent perfectly knows that the Nikolaev journalists think of its professional level. Therefore I am glad to recoup in a situation when journalists in any measure depend on it. What journalist - it is unimportant, but what CHIEF! ! !


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