Late fall of our hopes

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And the match was pleasant to me. In spite of the fact that its result deprived of us the next dream.

At fight of team of Alexey Mikhaylichenko with Otto Rekhagel's team there were a plot, stylistics and logic. And in our actions the desperate desire to argue with the inevitable was read. Despite of a wet field, a masterovitost of rivals and not too inspired support of the blank tribunes.

Quality of game of the national team of Ukraine, certainly, left much to be desired. But unless it wasn't 10 times more what showed Xing - yellow in victorious home matches with Belarus and Kazakhstan? Unless in Donetsk fight with Greeks of getting attacks, blows in an alignment and scoring chances was no more, than in two duels with Croats in whom, I will remind, we never conceded? Perhaps, we didn't deserve fiasco in this match. But, perhaps, didn't deserve also round on the African FIFA World Cup. So the outcome of game was at the same time both unfair, and natural.

Million fans once again endured the same that regularly test million voters: them deprived of illusions. That the sports konfuziya happened on the eve of anniversary of the Maidan - a mere coincidence. But a sin not to use such opportunity to talk about proximity of the events on a football field and a field electoral.

A lot of things make related game of millions with merrymakings of millionaires. In both cases fans (voters) amuse themselves hopes, forgetting: the level of expectations is higher, the disappointment is more bitter.

We ruthlessly criticize players for dull blows and toothless transfers, irresponsible statements and careless laws. We violently are indignant with how they squander scoring chances and public funds. But in soul of almost everyone the hope glimmers. Well, maybe, next time? And suddenly? Thereby we lose opportunity accurately to realize why notorious "suddenly" persistently doesn't come. We refuse to face the truth. And voluntary незрячесть does us defenseless before not such blind destiny.

We sincerely rejoice to that in soccer, as well as in policy, contrary to everything there are talents which quickly enough come to a certain level of skill. Above which persistently don't rise, without passing tests by popularity, money and responsibility.

We wait from each flashed star too much, our imagination is obliging дорисовывает to a newly appeared idol various abilities which it doesn't have, and it is possible, and won't be. Blinded by light of the next rising sun, we aren't capable to see: this light artificial. Also we can't make out those who lights these stars. And stars die away and fall before we manage to make wish. Our hopes burn down on fires of foreign vanity, warming nobody.

Any domestic talent loses against the growing old Shevchenko, conceding to it both in ability, and in diligence. Football players of a new wave are afraid of rigid joints, are afraid to assume game. Politicians of a new wave - too. It is easier to fall, than to strike blow. It is simpler to lay down under someone, than to rise to the utmost. To us on - former is on whom and on what to hope, but all as nobody and there is nothing to be proud especially. We have each and all those who is capable to glorify not only, but also the Fatherland.

In our political, football (and it is equal also all other) farms - a stack gifted, lots capable and an armful talented. But competitive, being of indisputable value, - units. Eternally promising, heating benches spare in soccer teams and deputy chairs in the political - hundreds. Chrome of their car and gold of their hours sparkles is more dazzling, than sides of their talent.

The policy world, as well as the soccer world, is spoiled by money. We hope - not hopelessly. Wealth - one of the reasons for which voters dislike politicians, and fans - football players, considering that earned reward to not adequately spent efforts. With it it is possible to argue. But unless it isn't indisputable what exactly at the most responsible moments doesn't suffice to political and football players composure, thrift, abilities play "through I can't".

As a result Ukraine football, as well as Ukraine as a whole, with zavidneyshy constancy (which, alas, not always serves as a class indicator) ruins the historical chances falling to its lot. Exit in private - yet a goal. And each new miss does us is even more vulnerable.

Finishing a subject of money, we will notice that the powers that be (irrespective of specialization) don't argue long ago any more, in what force. Their passion to a golden calf is selfless. To Okolofutbolny and parapolitical businessmen all the same, than барыжничать - health of the people or patriotism of the nation. The prices of football tickets and prices of medicines from flu - to that the certificate.

We overfeed our football and political idols with credibility and advance payments. And from a similar overeating young forwards of the national team hardly go across the field, and young defenders of national interests at early age become inadmissibly thick-skinned.

But even taking into account obvious personnel problems the capacity of our country in general and soccer in particular is higher than a place, to us taken away. The qualified performers at us if there isn't a lot of, precisely yet in deficiency. However their existence isn't a success guarantee if there is no worthy helmsman. But at representatives of this role, according to strange tradition, the acute shortage of determination, sequence, responsibility and wisdom is available. And even a certain progress in tactics doesn't excuse their helplessness of the head of a national team and the head of the state in strategy questions.

And still assembly, as well as all country, hardly it is possible to become a whole. Problems of this national team and this country there is an internal rivalry, absence of trust and a lack of mutual understanding. Artificially warmed up contradictions lead to impossibility orderly to resist to the general opponent. We are defenseless before any external threat while efforts of our leaders will be so "played" as actions of the Dynamo member Hacheridi and the miner Kutcher during Salpingidis's victorious breakthrough. Art not to bring goals should seize both to magicians of a ball, and fans from VIP-beds.

Key football and political actions will take place soon without us. Certainly, it is nasty that anybody anywhere doesn't wait for you. And at the same time it is remarkable that you don't hurry anywhere. There is time to lick wounds, to take breath, collect the thoughts. To try to understand, why we such beaten, if we such strong. To heal on foreheads not healing wounds from грабель. To try to calculate what will be our soccer in 2012 - m, and our country in 2010 - m

The ball round, a field untilled, and let wins against the strongest. And let the loser cries.

And let on cemeteries of our former illusive illusions there will ascend sprouts of the new got stronger hopes.


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