Nikolayevtsa we are ready to elections in regional and city councils – and don't want to change local foundations

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In October Center for studying of public opinion"Nawal - the Expert"I conducted sociological researches in which studied preferences of nikolayevets in a choice of parties which would be worthy to represent their interests in regional and city council.

Nikolayevets expressed the greatest preferenceParty of Regionsled byYanukovych- both in regional, and in city council.

In regional councilParty of Regions with Yanukovychwould choose 40,3% of nikolayevets.

FollowsYulia Tymoshenko Bloc- 12,3%

Communist Party withSimonenko- 5,6%

"The front of changes" and its front - MaineYatsenyuk- 4,7%

Green PartyUkraine (without a certain leader) - 3,6%

Bloc of parties led byLitvin- 3%

Bloc of parties "our Ukraine" led byYushchenko- 1,6%

The association "VECHE" led byTheological- whole 1%

"Freedom" withTyahnybok- 0,9%

Progressive socialists withVitrenko- 0,8%

Socialist party andFrost- 0,3%

Bloc of parties led byGritsenko- 0,2%

Association"Our city"- too 0,2%

Preferences in the parties which are most expected in Nikolaevsk city council almost identical previous:

PR andYanukovychare in the lead with the account of 39,5% against following in the listYulia Timoshenkowith a rating of 11,7%.

KPU withSimonenkothe third - 7,1%

Yatsenyukin the head of "Front" - 5,9%

NeutralGreen Party- 5,1%

Litvinwith Blok - 2,9%

"Our Ukraine" andYushchenko- 1,2%

PSPU andVitrenko- 1% exactly

Slightly associationimproved indicators"Our city", but all the same it isn't dense - 0,8%

"VECHE" andTheological- 0,7% and "honourable" 10th place

Patriotic "Freedom" andTyagnybokI got a response only at 0,5% of patriots

12-е a place divided from the 0,2% a bloc of parties withGritsenkoand Socialist party withFrost

As a result,Party of Regionsis the most desired party in all councils. Today regionals have 49,9% in city and 46% in regional councils, and, probably, the positions not only will hold, but also will strengthen. It is possible therefore the nikolayevets who already got used and have adapted to these servants of the people, don't want to change something in a root. And meanwhile regionals promise that good life will come, only when they will receive completeness of the power. Pier, having "only" the majority - anything it isn't possibly to make … Whether it will be better? The legend is fresh … Or rather, already, frankly speaking, isn't really fresh", but all the same, it is believed in him hardly.


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