"While is админаппарат "for Litvin" and not sensibleness of inhabitants, in Nikolayevshchina isn't present freedom", - the head of executive committee of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" Valentina Golovataya

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Day of freedom which in Ukraine started celebrating since 2005, passed in Nikolaev, to put it mildly, modestly. Press - the regional state administration service on the official site published one photo - to Shevchenko's monument six people came, and signed: "on November 22 on the occasion of Day of Freedom representatives of the regional state administration, the public and political parties assigned flowers to T. Shevchenko's monument […] Similar actions took place in all regions of area".

As in old Soviet period - that to put a tick, and subsequently to cause negative attitude to this date in participants of "celebration".

Absolutely on - to other Day of freedom passed in Kiev. On our question as passed celebration, the head of executive committee of the Nikolaev regional organization "Our Ukraine" Valentina Golovataya told at once: "Looney! ".

- The most part of delegation from the Nikolaev area was made by those who was on a Maidan, - only 47 people, - she told. - There was a meeting with the president in the Ukrainian house, there was its performance. There were also nostalgic moments - return through a TV screen to events of those days. For us it is a holiday.

According to Valentina Golovatoy, over time and Nikolaev will begin to celebrate Day of freedom. While this date at citizens associates not with the concept "freedom", but only with pomaranchevy events.

- At the heart of Day of freedom lies voleizliyany people - protests against falseness, for a freedom of speech, for freedom of journalistic activity, - she speaks. - I consider that the understanding of this day can't be got artificially. The concept of freedom, in my opinion, belongs to things which can be defined as white and black. That is, it is impossible to tell that freedom is for 10 percent the free journalist or on 20. No, freedom or is, or it isn't present.Today to tell that there is freedom of journalistic activity in Nikolaev and in the Nikolaev area, I can't. Also I know opinion of journalists - today defined админаппарат, unfortunately, exists. We don't feel, how free Nikolaev today. In administrations go and civil servants again force to append signatures for Litvin - here to you real "freedom manifestations". But I am sure that it will change - I simply see these tendencies.

Reference: the governor of the Nikolaev area Alexey Garkusha is the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of People's Party of Vladimir Litvin.


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