Litvin in a rush of piarny pathos already was going to block the Crimean route

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The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin declared intention to take part in overlapping of movement on the Sevastopol route in the Bakhchsarai region of the Crimea together with shareholders who can't divide the earth with Crimea agrofirm.

"I will deal with this question and if it is necessary, I am ready to get up together with people and to block the route because this presidential election is a fight for the earth, and this lawlessness needs to be stopped", - he in a course declared a press - conferences in Simferopol.

According to him, an election of the president of Ukraine is "the last bastion" as on them the issue will be resolved, whether there will be an earth at the people, or will pass into private hands. "The earth has to and will belong to people. All right, plants took away everything - it is possible new to construct, but to develop the earth it won't turn out", - the Ukrainian speaker noted.

REFERENCE: According to mass media, yesterday inhabitants of villages Sandy and Vilino of the Bakhchsarai region of the Crimea intended to block the route in protest at "raider attacks to lands" from the enterprise "Crimea Agrofirm, but they were prevented by militiamen.

JSC Crimea Agrofirm is the assignee of the collective enterprise "Crimea Agrofirm which was formed on the basis of agricultural artel of a name XXII of congress of CPSU. In 1998 the Vilinsky village council made the decision on transfer to property to workers of KP "Crimea Agrofirm of the land plots located in the territory of the enterprise. JSC Crimea Agrofirm management in a judicial order tries to nullify this decision and to cancel all issued state acts on the earth. Lawsuits between shareholders and the management of the enterprise last five years.

On November 5 the Supreme Court of Ukraine made the decision to leave the earth which was included in an authorized capital of JSC Crimea Agrofirm, in enterprise property.


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