For 4,5 years I didn't find time to issue to the rector "Mogilyanki" Leonid Klimenko Yushchenko the party membership card, and now the rector – the authorized representative of Tymoshenko

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Today on a body - a press - conferences of representatives of BYuT - нардепа Romana Sabsalueka, the deputy of the City Council Alexander Kurchenko and the authorized representative of Yulia Timoshenko of Leonid Klimenko, Leonid Pavlovich answered a question of the correspondent "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" about why it, being in 2004 the active party member "ours of Ukraine" I changed the preferences and now presents interests to the oppositional president of party. We will remind that Leonid Klimenko - the rector of the Black Sea state university of the Item. Graves. On June 27 this year, at congress of political party "The national union "Our Ukraine", Leonid Pavlovich included in structure of political council of party. And already on July 18 Leonid Klimenko, received the party-membership card of the party member "Batkivshchyna":

- In 2004 I supported the Maidan and then Yushchenko and Tymoshenko were uniform force. I supported both Yushchenko, and Tymoshenko, and all this movement. I was at adjusting Congress of "our Ukraine", but for 4,5 years this party didn't find time to issue at all to me party the ticket though I was at that congress where this party was created. And the disappointment, of course, is. I expected from Victor Andreevich Yushchenko absolutely other actions. I hoped that Ukraine during this time will go very far that we in five years will build the normal European state. And, the economic situation was very favorable at this time. We could go during this time so far.

We have in Georgia a filiya - Tbilisi institute - and in Georgia corruption is completely overcome, reforms in education branch are made: they passed to a three-stage European education system - the bachelor, the master, the doctor of philosophy. We mark time.

That we expected - didn't occur. I very much was disappointed in the president. Though as you know, we were very active supporters in 2004. But I didn't change that direction which we then chose, I didn't go some other way, I didn't pass into other camp, I remained from this party.


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