Love triangle: "it", "it" and "TV"

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Long ago the silly woman known for all - / Unruly censorship / Which - as feeds our flesh - / Bless her the Lord! " - the classic of the Russian poetry Fedor Tyutchev joked in 1870. However, that he becomes "classic", Fedor Ivanovich during lifetime "didn't guess", and earned a living by the censor of special office the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire.

On the eve of elections-2010 we will talk both about censorship, and about editorial policy, about the most banal journalistic laziness which - as speaks - with "censorship" it is covered. We will analyse influential media players therefore there is nothing about the First national which from - for "popularity" influential isn't below, providing to politicians at best the status.


It is simpler to me to begin with "1+1"; I there worked, and sources of information will remain even if there will dismiss all, except elevator operators who aren't present.

"Big cleaning"-2008, dismissal of 99% of "persons of the channel", falling of a rating and a telewatching share - all this "телеУкраина without Kuchma", sorry, ""1+1" without Rodnyansky". Long-term efforts on forming of communication ex-persons of the channel and audience "1+1" ended: at the channel - other audience. With which, of course, too try to communicate, but it is audience of housewives - and communication corresponding.

Analysts aren't present, the total program "TCH- тиждень" it is declared by Alla Masur as "the magazine with intelligible submission of information". Frequent it is successful releases. As a whole - separate sensible efforts of the few sensible people go to nothing in a context of program policy. Result - "rumanisation" of all channel: the most rating product - news. It means that all another - "low-rating". And it "all another", on one moment also is the main maintenance of the channel which the TV men loving foreign and loud, call "content". "Pluses" have no large-format show like Evgeny Kiselyov's production on "Intere" or Savik Shuster on Broadcasting Company "Ukraine". "Pluses" didn't begin to develop "I so I think" Anna Bezulik, her dismissed.

All this, seemingly, interests the owner "1+1" Igor Kolomoysky a little. After all political weight "1+1" while keeps, but Kolomoysky doesn't understand that it occurs not at the expense of present "content" of news, and is inertial, at the expense of made earlier. And any time will still hold on while both society, and politicians don't realize that the channel changed. These are estimated judgments.

The ex-the owner Boris Fuksman is right, claiming in "Money power" on October 15, 2009 that upon channel purchase "Kolomoysky could have any motivation, but not business. When we were on "1+1", it was successful business - the project which for the last year of our work made $27 million plus. And now they do a minus $40-50 million. Apparently, this channel is faced by other tasks besides earning money". The question "As a plot about Tymoshenko influences the price of ferroalloys or destiny of the Odessa port? " is outside this article.

By the way, about Tymoshenko. The channel is oriented on it. Such is my estimated judgment. And it remains to that - in spite of the fact that Tymoshenko and Kolomoysky allegedly "squabbled" concerning the Odessa port. That fact that "1+1" continues to support Tymoshenko, allows to insist on the phrase "allegedly squabbled".

It was visible on "affairs of pedophiles", a litmus piece of paper of the relations of the leader of BYuT with the television world. Minimum of surnames, video minimum, information presence about allegedly communications of a certain rector certain "water higher education institution" with Party of Regions, absence of information on its communications in the past and with BYuT. The deputy from PR Elena Bondarenko in one of publications reminded of a plot on "Pluses" about death of the director of Artemovsky plant of sparkling wines who incorrectly handled the weapon and was shot - according to the versionTCH- because in a bottle from - under sparkling to Ukraine delivered dioxine with which Yushchenko was poisoned.


After arrival of new "chief" Ilya Kanavin it is more, than at Deserted, show Tymoshenko. Yanukovych, however, too show much. Oleg Panyuta's total release - a serialized television program. It not analytics, and it is impossible to do analytics at Panyuta. The telecritic Otar Dovzhenko reproaches "Detailsweeks" for transition to Russian...

Parts of journalists concerned dismissal. "Left", for example, the editor Yury Sidorenko who has declared to "Telekritike" that he didn't understand, for what dismissed him.On the channel really there are a lot of the Russian citizens responsible for a news. Speak, it is very dangerous to national security of Ukraine. As on me, not really dangerously. And Dmitry Belyansky who is also responsible for a news, isn't a foreigner. "Inter" started the pre-election project - the Digest "Elections-2010".

As a whole - the channel "does not grow wiser" in the news, separate group of journalists for "Details of week" don't allocate. Journalists work for the total program "on the first-come, first-served basis".

Evgeny Kiselyov manages in the program (while? already? ) to observe balance of representation of all political forces.

Victor Pinchuk's holding

He before others better than others understood that on its TV channels will matter not only news. The strategist Pinchuk was engaged in "content" of the channels not one day and not one year, nowadays is strong series for example Secret circle, high-quality programming. "The facts of week" with Oksana Sokolova - the best analytics in the Ukrainian telespace. News are balanced.

On "an acceptable situation". Dismissal on June 12, 2009 the journalist and the leader Vladimir Pavlyuk from a position the chief - the editor of the Reporter program on the New channel - after demonstration of record of the statement of Tymoshenko with the words "All Was Gone". Spoke about Tymoshenko's allegedly influence on this personnel decision, but the version, certainly, didn't obtain the evidence. Who will give them to you?


The independent media labor union of Ukraine of Roman Skrypin addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the application for "the main novostiyshchik"STBAlexey Mustafin about "commission of actions by him in which it is possible to see censorship signs". Mustafin who, by estimates of media experts, lets out the best news of Ukraine, answered that "wasn't employed neither in labor union, nor in the Secretariat of the president to extend rudeness of one official relative another".

Broadcasting Company "Ukraine"

Good film screening. News - on quality not equal, thus show all politicians. It is less than Yanukovych, than on "Intere". And Tymoshenko is a lot of. "Events", the total program of Broadcasting Company "Ukraine", something remind old "Details" on "Intere" (Alexey Mustafin's times). "Events" didn't become a serialized television program are rather "all-embracing" news across Ukraine in which plots of a social orientation prevail.

Broadcasting Company "Ukraine" started the I Am Ready to Answer format with Oksana Zinovyeva - the TV host, the former employee "1+1". It criticize for of what the channel in official statements is proud, - for simplicity in expressions and modesty in production.


The broadcasting of the first regional channel of Ukraine Broadcasting Company group - began Broadcasting Company "Donbass". The TV channel obtained the license for a broadcasting in October, 2008. The director of Broadcasting Company "Donbass" Yury Sugak told that ""Donbass" is a TV channel of the general interest, TV channel for all family"

Savik Shuster long ago (while? ) shows all.

"5-й channel"

Once "the revolution stronghold" works for Tymoshenko. Such is my estimated judgment. It was visible on "business of pedophiles" which the channel minimized. But not only on Tymoshenko. If absence of "the Russian trace" in the case of allegedly "attempt at the leader of Majlis Moustapha Dzhemilev" can be understood easily taking into account a position of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Pyotr Poroshenko, the humblest giving "5 - the m the channel" "frankfurstky" scandal with Yury Lutsenko - as to me seems - it should be taken into account through a prism of communication of Yury Vitalyevich with people who under the law have no right to operate "5 - m the channel", but don't "bother" legislation subtleties. It is estimated judgment.

On the other hand - Anna Bezulik with "I so think" holds a personal level. As well as Tatyana Danilenko with the total program.

It was interesting to look last Sunday at giving of events on the Maidan fifth anniversary. Once "the revolution loud-hailer" was most sarcastic in giving of Day of Freedom that me, certainly, pleased.

Some conclusions

V. Yushchenko has no influence on channels.

The tendency to transformation of novostiyny journalism in "journalism of young children", owing to age of processes not understanding an essence is obvious. Talented, uncontrollable it isn't necessary any more. Many of the remained - are weak-willed and cheap at the level of salaries.

About licenses for a broadcasting. In one of them it isn't written down (hello to telelawyers): "The channel shows anything for receiving a rating". It is necessary sometime to start bringing an order with performance of conditions of licenses. Otherwise will reach a porno on radio channels. It рейтингово? We will ask Adrian Syrbu, the manager of "Pluses".

Criminalization of news. The president or the prime minister appear between plots about murders.

About censorship. Absence of the second point of view comes across even more often.Submission of information on policy as about the dead man - well or in any way. Everyone can see, on what TV channel and about what politician so speak. "Censorship through default". Without reporting important, censors distort information that suits the customer. Transition from instructions concerning about what to suppress, to instructions about about what to speak, - ahead.

About journalistic laziness. As speak in the English-speaking countries, "always it is possible to find the reason not to do". Sources on channels say that journalists don't want to remove some incidents allegedly from - that on a subject politicians "are promoted" … Such paradoxical logic.

However, all problem for TV channels - "test for a gap" between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko - still ahead. The majority of the oligarchs standing behind TV channels, "eggs in all baskets" spread out. As I spoke in 2004 - m, it is sick. However, to suffer from pain - one of qualities of representatives of large business.

Vyacheslav Pikhovshek


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