Lutsenko told how Yushchenko advised him to throw "cops' habits"

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Victor Yushchenko wasn't ready to daily, "with bloody callosities on fingers", work of the president.

It was declared by the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko, reports a press - service of National self-defense.

"After I became Minister of Internal Affairs, in 2-3 months with surprise saw that Victor Andreevich saves the country in full accordance with the Labour Code - no more than 8 hours in day. Then these hours became less and less", - he noted.

"Also I can assure you: Victor Andreevich obviously not workaholic. Victor Andreevich returned Ukraine to an ukrainskost is the truth, but whether it is enough of it for the head of state on these 5 years, and furthermore - for 5 years of the following? ", - Lutsenko Asked.

According to the minister, Yushchenko's behavior testifies that he doesn't want to operate the state and doesn't want to be responsible for result.

Also, according to him, the incumbent president doesn't want to fight against corruption. As Lutsenko's example I brought elections into Kiyevsovet in March of last year.

"Victor Andreevich directly told me: "you head team, but then it will be necessary to agree about the coalition with Chernovetsky", - the minister told.

"When I answered it that never the coalition with бандюками entered and I am not going to enter, Yushchenko's answer was for me shocking: "Yura, throw the cops' habits and remember: everyone who to me comes in a tie, you never will put", - Lutsenko declared.

In his opinion, Yushchenko "wants to be surrounded by lickspittles, but that the most interesting - very rich lickspittles favorable to it", is told in the message.

Besides, Lutsenko declared, the present choice is a choice between two candidates.

"Let's be defined simply: we want to live in Yanukovych's country or not? Yanukovych changed nothing, him taught even to say the word "diversification", - he told.

"But, nevertheless, he remained the person who considers that Ukraine is a big Donetsk region in which there are some villages of Banderovites, to operate with which it is necessary through a barbed wire, intimidation and pressure, and it is very effective", - the minister emphasized.

"If so to operate all Ukraine, it it won't turn out because it will be again opposition, again the critical moment before bloodshed", - was told by Lutsenko.


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