Expert: the army treats Tymoshenko badly but if to raise a salary...

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO for the first time on the eve of an election of the president of Ukraine plans to take participation in celebrations for history of the political activity on the occasion of Day of Armed forces of Ukraine.

I reported a source in the Ministry of Defence where for Yu. Tymoshenko already prepared the performance project at solemn meeting which will take place on December 3 in the National Ukraine palace about this UNIAN.

As the military expert close to the Ministry of Defence notes, in previous years stay on a post of the head of the government of Yu. Tymoshenko never took part in similar actions, didn't visit any military unit of VSU, except two soldiers of lyceums in the fall of this year.

"It is clear that within carrying out election presidential campaign of Yu. Tymoshenko advised that her rating among representatives of Armed forces of Ukraine, to put it mildly, isn't really high if not zero", - the expert stated.

He noted that the current year is the worst in the history of Ukraine on level of financing of the sphere of national security and defense, Armed forces, in particular, that gives in to shattering criticism to personally Yu. Tymoshenko from outside not only political opponents of the prime minister, but also quite adequate experts.

In military department note, the Supreme Commander of Armed forces will traditionally take part in action in the Ukraine Palace - the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO.

"It is heavy to present as these two irreconcilable political opponents will divide this military electoral platform, the scene in the Palace, in particular", - was told by the expert.

He warns that "the holiday of defenders of Fatherland who sincerely give to this business the best years of the life and career, can turn into a banal populist action in race for power, resources and personal ambitions of politicians which actually in the sphere of a national security policy and defenses are laymans".

At the same time the expert assumed that the possible traditional promise Yu.TYMOSHENKO on the eve of presidential elections to raise the military salaries since January 1, 2010 (as it was with other categories of state employees) at least twice, it can be apprehended positively.

Day of VSU is celebrated on December 6. This year it falls on Sunday.


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