Won from Koledzha of the press and television the kindergarten friendly opened today the doors for the Nikolaev kids

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Today for small nikolayevets and their parents who live in Mira Avenue area, became special. After all long-awaited opening of the repaired kindergarten "Barvinok" to the address Mira Avenue, 13-took place exactly today and. Nearly 14 years the garden didn't work - children was very little and parents had to drive them in the next kindergartens or to leave at home on grandmothers and grandfathers, and at this time the room of this kindergarten was rented by press and television College. But over time the situation changed, children became much more, and the city power declared again the rights for the room

, however, it was necessary to take away "" already in a judicial order. And here, after capital repairs, the kindergarten again friendly opened the doors for kids.

To congratulate kids on an important event for them important uncles and aunts" - the secretary of the City Councilcame"Vladimir Korenyugin,People's DeputyNikolay Kruglov, head of administration of Leninsky districtAnatoly Plakhotnyuk, deputy mayorValentina Bondarenkoand head of department of formation of the City CouncilAnna Derkach.Some came not empty-handed: In. BondarenkoI handed over the TV and DVD-a player, andN. Kruglovthe karaokes developing games and soft toys.

"From 50 - summer anniversary were deleted the whole 14 years, but it is pleasant to realize that there are people who do the part, thanks to them today this garden earned again", - notedNikolay Kruglov.

As toldAnna Derkach, repair of the room cost to the city 2 million UAH, about 300 thousand more UAH were spent for purchase of new furniture. All funds were allocated from the city budget. The kindergarten "Barvinok" is calculated on 100 kids, and it is full six groups. By wordsA. Derkach,on following, 2010, is planned to repair one more kindergarten in Nikolaev which Oktyabrsky Avenue, 8-is to the address and. This kindergarten doesn't function here ten years.


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