Litvin's intelligence gave rise to the cunning scheme - how to leave in Rada only Litvin's fraction

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The candidate for president, Blok's leader Lytvyna, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin supports a ban to deputies from present structure of the Verkhovna Rada to participate in the following parliamentary elections.

He reported about it on a press - conferences in Lviv.

"It is necessary to adopt the law that these deputies to forbid to stand for the Verkhovna Rada, let will have a rest", - he told.

According to him, this initiative is connected with that in Ukraine there is no elite change, and it is necessary that it was natural process.

Litvin is going to initiate opportunity restriction to deputies of Rada to be chosen two terms in a row.

He added that some deputies brag of that work in Rada of 18 years in a row, but in the meantime from it it became easier for Ukraine not, and it became easier for only these deputies.

From Regional committee: We will remind, Litvin caused a stir that, having stayed the cadence of 2002-2006, on regular elections with the WE block to parliament didn't get, having returned to Rada only on early in 2007 with Blok of Litvin. Thus, from present parliamentary political forces only deputies from the block of this gray-haired emo - Kid would stay in a row only one term and would have the right to stand on the following elections. Here only who will give them such legislation...


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