Yushchenko wants negotiations on strengthening of guarantees of safety to Ukraine

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The president of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO suggests leaders of five nuclear states to hold negotiations on confirmation and strengthening of guarantees of safety of Ukraine, provided by the Budapest memorandum.

About it it is spoken in the statement of the President which text is transferred to the UNIAN its press - service.

V. Yushchenko reminds that 15-I am executed today anniversary of signing of the Budapest memorandum which provided guarantees of national security to Ukraine from the USA, the Russian Federation and Great Britain. Further China and France joined its provisions in the form of separate statements.

According to the President, uniqueness of this document is that the guarantees recorded in it were provided to Ukraine as to the state which voluntary refused the nuclear arsenal. The Budapest memorandum was signed on the eve of acceptance by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the historical decision on acquisition by Ukraine of membership in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the status of the non-nuclear state, and also accession as the countries - successors of the USSR to the Contract on reduction and restriction of strategic offensive arms (To the contract on the START) which action expires exactly today.

V. Yushchenko reminded that in the territory of Ukraine for that time 1950 units of the strategic nuclear weapon and 2883 units of tactical nuclear ammunition were developed. It was the third in the world is rocket - the nuclear potential which on power was more, than arsenals of Great Britain, France and the People's Republic of China together taken.

Thus the head of state noted that for the last 15 years Ukraine not only is an example of the state which voluntary refused the nuclear weapon, having entrusted national security to the international community, it takes active practical part in business of strengthening of strategic stability.

"The today's world promptly changes, and we are compelled to recognize that since the conclusion of the Budapest memorandum it didn't become safer.Unfortunately, not all states refused a use of weapons for ensuring the foreign policy and external economic interests, we observe dangerous tendencies in the sphere of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, - the fact the increase in number of the nuclear countries" took place, - V. Yushchenko noted.

According to him, division of Europe by the block principle remains. At the same time Ukraine remains the biggest European state which isn't the party any voyenno - the political unions. Being between two defensive alliances - NATO and the Organization of the Contract for collective security, all of us feel as the country to which the "borderland" part is assigned more.

"Despite these circumstances, Ukraine remains devoted to the principles of peaceful co-existence. Seeking to become an integral part of the European space of safety, we accurately determined by the strategic priority a course of the euroatlantic integration", - the head of state emphasized.

In his opinion, complication of architecture of safety in the world and in Europe demands from Ukraine of implementation of effective steps for the purpose of strengthening of operating international guarantees of safety. There is a question of need of development in development of provisions of the Budapest memorandum new is international - the legal tool which could give the answer to modern calls of national security of Ukraine.

"We realize that it is possible to reach it only together with those states which undertook to guarantee to Ukraine full-fledged national security as a basic condition of further development of our independent state 15 years ago.

Being guided by these arguments, I addressed to leaders of the states of the nuclear five - Great Britain, China, the Russian Federation, the United States of America and France with the offer to hold negotiations with the purpose of confirmation and strengthening of operating guarantees of safety of Ukraine. We hope that this fair aspiration of the state which on own example proved to the world reality of achievement of global nuclear disarmament, will be heard and supported", - the President reported.

"Noting today a historical role which was played by the Budapest memorandum for ensuring world and regional stability, intend to remind of our right to count on the effective collective way to Ukraine from the countries - guarantors which has to be recorded in the relevant multilateral document once again.

We consider that such step will serve not only a factor of an equilibration of the environment of safety on our borders, but also will allow to liquidate rudiments of distributive lines on the European continent, becomes the reliable instrument of development of Ukraine as peaceful, stable, rich and free country in the center of Europe", - the President summed up.


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