About a public relations, a lock on Yulia Vladimirovna's back and a sweet dream of her husband

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"Tortured with these виттонами", - Tymoshenko deeply sighed and asked the journalist who has asked a question, to approach, is pure "on - female to help it to open a lock behind on a back" …

If the public relations have a floor, it, is unconditional - a masculine gender. If someone from candidates for president visited mister to public relations in last evening (on Friday), to it didn't open a door. How the suffering politician at doors clattered, as though didn't try to bear them, to it Yulia Vladimirovna's invariable ringing silver laughter and a pleasant man's baritone of mister of public relations was heard: "I am occupied with Yulia Vladimirovna. We on Intera, in "Freedom of speech".

Personally I enjoyed yesterday air … You remember a dress in which Yulia Vladimirovna passed the statement in the Verkhovna Rada the prime minister in 2004? Well, remember: dress with the small lamps, the fitted fir-tree, a lacy insert to hips - and under four hundred deputy voices pro her statement on a post of the prime minister. Certainly, you remember, it is simply impossible to forget it. And you remember a zipper on a back when it in 2008-2009 to Putin went gas contracts signed? Contracts appeared so-so, in gas questions the zipper on a back was powerless, but, is convinced that Putin on a back remembered a lock forever. But all these features - chastity belts in comparison with a yesterday's episode. Someone from journalists asked the prime minister, what firm at you a dress (I don't undertake to judge - this question together with answering prepared or I was as though "impromptu"). That's it… It is the culmination...

- Tortured with these виттонами, - Tymoshenko deeply sighed and asked the journalist who has asked a question, to approach, is pure "on - female to help it to open a lock behind on a back" (and I told) - slightly - slightly to open and look at a company name which sewed its black dress with a white collar. The journalist approached, opened, cameras greedy stuck into process of a priotkryvaniye of a lock and the answer followed: "Ainu to Gasa". Today the prime minister was not in Louis Vuitton. She (in last years buying up almost all lines of the superdory French designer) this time decided to support the Ukrainian designer and told that does it always.But what it, how not public relations - fate?

If Yulia Timoshenko also loves public relations, this deeply mutual feeling: he too loves it, they it is simple "eternal fidelity of each other". Thus I won't tell that to it softly laid. This time anybody didn't give it opportunity four hours to speak. Her interrupted, to her raised inconvenient questions. And when I looked in the delighted face of journalists, understood, they are admired in it by the unique thing: its ability to leave dry of water. Well here, for example, ask it to show absolutely concrete data of economic statistics which it forbade to publish earlier, she graciously speaks: we will show you sites on which these data are. For example, ask it to retell as her family earns, and to enter names of the companies in agrarian and construction business in which her husband absolutely officially earned and I declared three million hryvnias. She with pressing repeats that it is agrarian and construction business, it is small business, and she doesn't know names of the companies because comes home when the husband already sleeps, and leaves when still sleeps.

And certainly, Yulia Vladimirovna promised to put, stir a beehive of corrupt officials and to appoint the correct, honest public prosecutor. Also I promised that this public prosecutor raises and дорасследует all forgotten and old affairs. I listed all affairs, except business of pedophiles....

When it asked why its fraction laid a hand to cancellation of the moratorium on rise in prices for drugs, she explained it with fears that from shelves of drugstores drugs will disappear. Interest of members of the teams in фармбизнесе denied, but thus long told how created laboratory which would check structure of drugs. Still Yulia Timoshenko promised to keep a freedom of speech …

One is good that she plans to send all members of the old team in case of a victory back home and to use services of professionals and youth from the student's organizations. It and is clear. Her guys who are present at "Forbes" mentioned by it were tired, probably, membership dues to pay. It is time also young to let pass.

Yulia Vladimirovna in this air opened from absolutely unexpected side. She quoted Aristotle, those works where he writes about democracy and oligarchy. I too love Aristotle with his sermon of balance and moderation. Though I don't share its views on women. He considered that the woman not absolutely full-fledged beings that like something doesn't suffice to us. I always thought:how he could be mistaken so? And now I listen to Yulia Vladimirovna and I think, and after all the old man was right. Stepping on own feminism, I am convinced: in policy and in church of women it is necessary to let carefully. After all it should get шашни with public relations, and process of its dominion becomes uncontrollable. Truly, rattling mix.

Masha Mishchenko


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