Lutsenko in protest left from meeting which spends Yushchenko

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The president of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO accused heads of law enforcement agencies of corruption activity then the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury LUTSENKO in protest left from meeting.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, it occurred at meeting on questions of counteraction of corruption, smuggling, illegal migration.

V. Yushchenko, addressing to Yu.LUTsENKO, the acting general prosecutor Sergey VINOKUROV, the chairman of SBU to VALENTYN NALYVAICHENKO, deputy heads of the Ministry of Justice, tax administration, customs service, I told that they are nonprofessional.

"I would like to tell that you are dull ministers and heads of departments. You humiliate with the work, the incompetence this nation", - V. Yushchenko emphasized.

The president noted, what these officials can't justify hopes of 46 million Ukrainians concerning fight against corruption because you are nonprofessional because you can't professionally head fight against corruption, and you know, why? Prosecutor's office, militia and so on, you know why - because you are accomplices of this awful process", - V. Yushchenko declared.

After Yu.Lutsenko's these words I rose and I asked, whether he can leave, having noted that, in his opinion, it is unfair charges. V. Yushchenko allowed the minister to leave meeting.

Reacting to that Yu.LUTsENKO left meeting, the President told: "I want to explain why the minister left. Because on its place I wouldn't come, on its place I would resign long ago".

V. Yushchenko emphasized that in the last two years respectability level on the international ratings of the country decreased with 99-го places on 146-е a place. The president also noted that decrease in an index of disclosure of corruption crimes is for the first time in recent years observed. For the last 10 months this indicator decreased almost by 15%.

V. Yushchenko emphasized that today considerable decrease in level of disclosure of corruption affairs - for 40,2% also is observed. "It is the first sign of that the Ministry of Internal Affairs politicizes, there is no time for performance of direct functions", - V. Yushchenko told.

He also noted that today corruption in the country begins with the highest government officials. "That is why I speak about the minister one, the second, the third why I speak about the government - because in each nation fight against corruption is conducted by the government. As it can be conducted in Ukraine, this fight when the government itself closes 20% of affairs on militia and 25% of affairs - on customs service", - V. Yushchenko asked. He emphasized that proceedings are incompetently initiated today, and then closed in some days. V. Yushchenko didn't exclude that it becomes to intimidate people, to subdue them.

"So, maybe, to us on the granary lock to close this militia and let it the last 40 days not мордует the nation", - the President asked.


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