Lutsenko put the end to the relations with Yushchenko

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko isn't going to visit more meeting in the secretariat of the president.

He declared it on a press - conferences on Wednesday, explaining that he left meeting earlier this day.

He stated indignation charges of the president to the department.

"I am ready to perceive criticism in the address, but to wear militia I won't allow anybody", - Lutsenko emphasized.

Besides, he emphasized that isn't going to resign.

"I will do the part up to the end, how many for me is allocated. But I am not going to go to the secretariat of the president any more", - Lutsenko declared.

"Today I came to meeting to tell about progress and problems of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. And Victor Andreevich, having been late for 45 minutes, I started telling that "unfortunate generals fastened stripes". Therefore I left this political igrishche which was carried out to show how Victor Andreevich fights against corruption", - he told.

"Concerning resignation - not I protected the father-in-law (Lutsenko meant the matchmaker Yushchenko), whom caught on hot during receiving a bribe. Not I took for work of one hundred officials who plunder the state budget", - he told and added that for this year the militia found more than 2 billion hryvnias of plundering of the state budget.

"Not I quietly watched plundering of hundreds billions which were allocated by National Bank to commercial banks and which burned it isn't known where. Not I awarded Kivalov - пидрахуя and others the state awards", - he told.

"After that I consider that to speak about the head of state who fulfills functions, irrespective of own likes and dislikes, it isn't necessary. So I is glad to only one that to elections remained a little", - Lutsenko told.

"The today's meeting was a last straw. I think that it is a point in the relations (with Yushchenko)", - summarized Lutsenko.


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