The mayor of Nikolaev V. Chaika considers that the deputy - the businessman A. Zhelobetsky kindles the conflict to it because itself wants to become the mayor

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In the interview in TV program "Good evening" the Nikolaev mayorVladimir ChaikaI expressed the position on an occasion of the conflicts which arose at it with deputies of city council and businessmenAnatoly Dyumin and Alexander Zholobetsky.

ZhelobetskyI brought charges to the mayor and to all his family it is relative legality of transfer to rent of the land plot allegedly in the zoo territory to Leontovich Square address, 7 JSC MAR-1, one of which founders isVladislav Chaika.

- You know thatZhelobetskywants to be the mayor, - I answeredSeagull. - Let once will come will work with the device, with the city, will sit letters поподписывает, let will assume though any responsibility. I can tell only one - here the reply of nature protection prosecutor's office (shows papers - a bus comment) is I requested examination of nature protection bodies. "Considering above-executed, the bases for application of measures of public prosecutor's reaction not предусмативается". That today - the deputy not that didn't understand knowledge and openness system, heard a ring, but doesn't know, where it. Digs in these papers every day and has the right to look at any paper.

As for the deputy - the regionalDyumina, in its address the mayor already expressed the position.

- We gave a rigid assessment to the deputyTo Dyumin- because actions of deputies against the city can't be supported from a depuy corps and the mayor. I already signed the letter in prosecutor's office concerning construction of booths on Lenin Avenue, documents on construction on Kosmonavtov St. ( prepareabout the conflict reported "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" - bus comment). Let in prosecutor's office will make an assessment.

In more detail about an essence of the conflicts read here:

The son of the Nikolaev mayor solved will intercede for the father and waits for apologies from the deputy Zholobetsky

The mayor of Nikolaev renounced the friend Dyumin, shamed the godfather Zholobetsky and is going to file a lawsuit


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