Top of-10 strangest promises of candidates for president

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Weekly "Comments: " I made a rating of the strangest election pledges of candidates for president of Ukraine.

In particular, this rating of promises which, according to the edition, contradict all laws of economy, logic and common sense, included following ten.

1. Victor YANUKOVYCH: "My purpose - 50 million citizens of Ukraine in 2020".

As notice about it "Comments: ", V. Yanukovych has obviously problems with arithmetics. Now the number of Ukrainians exceeded 46 million. Last year in Ukraine nearly 514 thousand children were born, and 755 thousand citizens died. And it was the best year in a decade. On condition of preservation of such tendency till 2020 of Ukrainians there will be about 44 million. To count that the further increase in the help for the birth of the child will give effect in 6 million persons in ten years, isn't necessary. According to experts, financial support gives short-term effect, but on long-term prospect of weather doesn't do, the newspaper notes.

2. Inna BOGOSLOVSKAYA: "Ukraine will take "The Kiev initiative" about carrying out in Kiev of negotiations of the world commonwealth on a new world order".

Not absolutely clearly, writes the edition, about what new world order tells I.BOGOSLOVSKAYa, but in conspiracy literature this term, as a rule, means a system at which the power organization created for the purpose of political plot, directs the world by means of the autonomous world government which has to replace the sovereign states and other forms of government. On the other hand, "The Kiev initiative" already exists and was signed in the summer of this year. Now it only the cooperation mechanism in the safety sphere between Ukraine, Poland and Belarus within initiative realization "Eastern Partnership".

3. Vladimir LITVIN: "A key task - providing a ratio of the minimum and maximum salaries in a proportion 1 to 5".

About it the newspaper pays attention that since 1995 the difference between maximum and minimum wage increased more than in two thirds of all countries, and leaders of growth rates of a gap - Germany, Poland and the USA. Moreover, in world practice nobody counts a ratio of these two indicators, only the average salary is taken into account.In the majority of the countries of Europe the power recognizes that "minimalka" has to make about 40% of an average salary. In Ukraine the average salary following the results of nine months makes 1861 UAH/month, 40% of this sum - 744 UAH. Such minimum wage since November 1 was approved by the Ukrainian parliamentarians. Therefore in the matter Ukraine - already Europe. And here to limit himself 3720 гривнями in a month as it is offered by V. Litvin, also he hardly will agree, notice "Comments: ".

4. Pyotr SIMONENKO: "The share of salaries in structure of product cost - not lower than 60% will be legislatively established".

Now in Ukraine officially (according to Goskomstat) the share of expenses on compensation in expenses of the enterprises hardly reaches 6%. It is ten times almost impossible and inexpedient to increase this indicator. Experts consider that in general it is incorrect to speak about a share of expenses on compensation in prime cost. After all often process of modernization of production leads to decrease in a share of salaries in expenses whereas such initiatives should be encouraged.

5. Victor YUSHCHENKO: "Grivnya becomes the only means of payment in Ukraine, in domestic market there will be no currency calculations and the prices in foreign currency".

According to Art. 3 of the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of 19.02.93 No. 15-93 "About system of currency regulation and currency control", "the currency of Ukraine is the only lawful method of payment in the territory of Ukraine". Defines гривню as national currency which is the only lawful means of payment in the territory of Ukraine, and Art. 35 of the Law "About National Bank of Ukraine" of 20.05.99 No. 679-XIV. And still there is Art. 99 of the Constitution of Ukraine, noting the same.

6. OLEH TYAHNYBOK: "The European ukrainotsentrizm - a strategic course of the state".

It isn't excluded, write "Comments: " that O.TYaGNIBOK is familiar with the theory of eurocentrism of Karl Hauskhofer according to which Europe is the center of the world and top of human progress. From here and the freakish name on the Ukrainian harmony. But, obviously, the ordinary voter of such flight of thought won't estimate.

7. Anatoly GRITSENKO: "I will force the official to communicate with people in that language in which to him address".

According to the edition, A.GRITsENKO thus wanted to emphasize the good attitude to Russian.But if the similar initiative is once realized, to ordinary Ukrainian officials it is necessary to become universal polyglots - it isn't known in what language to it will want to communicate. For the present, according to the sociological polls, about 15% of civil servants don't know even Ukrainian (the majority understand, but don't speak or speak very badly), and only 7% of officials know at least one foreign language.

8. Alexander PABAT: "On the main land resources the state monopoly will be restored, and the state will hand over the earth in long-term rent".

The total area of lands in the territory of Ukraine makes about 60 million hectares from which over 40 million have agricultural purpose. Thus from 41,7 million hectares of lands of agricultural appointment in state ownership there are 11,4 million hectares (27,3%), and 30,3 million hectares of the farmland (72,6%) are transferred to the private possession. It is interesting that to lead up a state property share to a half it is planned simple, but effective way: the lands of A.PABAT plundered or selected for debts is going to return to the former owners or those who is ready to process this earth, for money in rent. Today the rent for the land plot in the majority of regions doesn't exceed the 100th dale. in a year. On such conditions from tenants the state will have no release, consider "Comments: ", however even the most cynical politicians hardly will agree today on such swindle.

9. Yulia TYMOSHENKO: "Right after crisis we will resume long-term mortgage lending of purchase of housing under 2-4% per annum for 10-30 years".

In this regard the edition notes that experts unanimously say that soon you shouldn't expect mortgage revival. And even if in 2010 it will appear, pre-crisis mass character won't have. However, in this thesis most of all confuses the word "is renewable", notice "Comments: ". Before crisis banks credited a mortgage in currency on the average under 12-14% per annum, in hryvnia of a rate reached 18-20%. And it because rich banks had access to rather cheap European resources - to 5% per annum. Rate it is possible to contact Yu. Tymoshenko provided in the program if to consider only those credits for which the state paid part of percent, - at the level of a discount rate of NBU. But their share in the total amount of mortgage loans was too small.

10. Lyudmila SUPRUN: "Schools will turn in multimedia scientifically - the cultural centers of education and development of the personality".

How many it will cost, the candidate didn't report. I hinted only what to work schools have to by the principle "one pupil - one computer". In Ukraine today at comprehensive schools about 4,5 million children are trained. It is less, than for 2000 UAH today not to buy the computer, so, only on providing schools with computers it is necessary for about 9 billion UAH. And it without kickbacks and the additional equipment. At the same time not absolutely understood, why to do the modern centers if for full education school students often don't have banal textbooks and teachers of schools, summarize "Comments: ".


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